reef knot

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a square knot used in a reef line

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Upon the words "Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao" (May it please Ahura Mazda), the priest encircles the kusti twice around the child's waist, makes two reef knots and proceeds to complete the remaining portion of the Kusti Bastan.
In contrast, the reef knot technique used was technically more difficult--the first half of the knot (right over left) can loosen easily and if not corrected before the second half of the knot (left over right) is placed, the endotracheal tube can slip or slide beneath the knot.
When reporting this month's Getting Started story (page 40), Taggart had to master the bowline, the cleat hitch, the figure-eight, the highwayman's hitch, the reef knot, and the round-turn-two-half-hitches.
'Most people place one half-granny knot on top of another, which results in either a notoriously unstable granny knot or a very stable reef knot, depending on whether the two half-knots have the same or opposite orientation,' said Polster.
They really are the experts - and boy they had to be - as kitted out in oilskins and buoyancy aids I set off to learn how to set sail, tack and jibe and also tie the occasional reef knot.
Start the 'rope' by making a noose, a 90cm long loop of strong twine are secured with a reef knot, so that it cannot slip.
Crime files Police found a woollen scarf Rosemary had been wearing was tied so tightly around her neck - the pathologist said the knitting pattern was imprinted on her neck - with a reef knot that it could not be undone and had to be cut away.
" CAN you tie a reef knot?" I ask my startled children over breakfast?
Instead of knowing how to tie a reef knot, or repair a punctured bike tyre, young Gen Y men are more capable at domestic chores such as cooking and doing the laundry.esearcher Mark McCrindle said the findings reflected the 'change in family dynamics'.
I had to know how to tie a reef knot and how to fold my tie.
We sit wondering if we could do the same because we learned how to tie a reef knot at Cubs and once built a fire down the lane with a box of Bluebell matches and a scrunched up Daily Record.
It's easily mistaken as a reef knot, and thieves would untie a parcel and replace the knot with a reef knot.
Today's younger generation might be computer literate and totally savvy when it comes to any high-tech challenge, but how are they when it comes to whittling wood, tying a reef knot (or a 'nonslip slip knot' as we Cubs knew it), lighting a campfire or having a complete grasp of the words and chorus of that gibberish but classic Scout song Ging Gang Gooly?
That's because it does not include Derek, without doubt the most boring individual in our parish: a man who excitedly beckoned me from 20 yards away, then pointed to a worm that had tied itself in a reef knot.