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Synonyms for reef

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a submerged ridge of rock or coral near the surface of the water

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a rocky region in the southern Transvaal in northeastern South Africa

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one of several strips across a sail that can be taken in or rolled up to lessen the area of the sail that is exposed to the wind

lower and bring partially inboard

roll up (a portion of a sail) in order to reduce its area

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reduce (a sail) by taking in a reef

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References in classic literature ?
If I had kent of these reefs, if I had had a chart, or if Shuan had been spared, it's not sixty guineas, no, nor six hundred, would have made me risk my brig in sic a stoneyard!
As we got nearer to the turn of the land the reefs began to be sown here and there on our very path; and Mr.
A carrier pigeon on a passage can achieve a high rate of speed, and Winn reefed again.
He reefed hastily to the uttermost, and at the same time depressed the angle of his flight to meet that upward surge.
They walled the confines of their coral reefs and sand-banks with coral-rock stolen from the mainland on dark nights.
In 2017, the organisation decided not to place the Great Barrier Reef on its official list of 55 World Heritage sites "in danger".
A case in point is Panganiban reef (international name: Mischief reef), where two Xian Y-7 military transport planes were photographed Jan.
The ecology of one-third of the world's largest reef system permanently changed in 2016, when an extended marine heatwave killed off massive amounts of coral.
Image Credit: Reef Check UAE Sami Zaatari, Staff Reporter
IOLO: DEIFIO In the remarkable new series - Iolo: Deifio yn y Barrier Reef (Iolo: Diving in the Barrier Reef ) - he goes on a journey of discovery to find out more about the health of the Reef.
This is the finding are from the latest Global Coral Reef Monitoring regional report on the state of coral reefs of the Western Indian Ocean.
The following waypoints represent a sample of artificial reefs constructed over the past year.
Located off the coast of Queensland Australia, it is the world's largest reef system, stretching over 1800 miles.
Reef balls are made with pH-neutral concrete in order to encourage coral to grow on their surface.