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Horsetail consists of many reedlike, segmented green tubes that grow straight up to a height of 4 feet.
Four plant growth types occur: tall protea shrubs with large leaves, called proteoids; heathlike shrubs, the ericoids; wiry, reedlike plants, called restioids; and bulbous herbs, or geophytes.
A reedlike girl, about 5 years old, dances Michael Jackson-style in the hallway of a derelict hotel, her eyes closed, her blond curls shaking as if in sexual rapture; to a passing stranger, her mother says cheerfully, "You like the girl?
Reedlike blinds and pale green oak leaf--toned walls reinforce the connection to nature.
Next, several tons of tule, a reedlike plant, are placed onto the framework to form a waterproof barrier.
I kept a reedlike penholder and dipped its nib in the ink, a wandering scribe, with an ink pot at his belt.
Its firm, arching, reedlike stems create 3- to 4-foot fountains of vegetation.