reed grass

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any of various tall perennial grasses of the genus Calamagrostis having feathery plumes

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For a dramatic effect on a dry slope, consider using big clumps of feather reed grass to add height to a sea of ground-hugging Stipa tenuissima.
They planted 2,500 native salt marsh grasses along 600 feet of shoreline to stabilize the park shoreline and protect it from pollutants and runoff, hand-pulled 500 to 1,000 pounds of root material from invasive reed grass, and prepared a 500-square-foot intertidal area for planting by removing Phragmites along the shoreline.
In areas prone to soil erosion such as slopes, cover with stiff clumps of feather reed grass. Calamagrostis will add height to groundhugging Stipa tenuissima.
Now it is defined by feather reed grass, which has a rare quality of being upright but not stiff, dancing in the slightest breeze.
THE deck overlooks the beach just 10ft away, the soft furnishings include organic wool rugs and exotic reed grass.
This present work was aimed at to investigate the potential use of Big bluestem and Giant reed grass as an alternative feedstock for lignocellulosic ethanol production and to apply leading pre-treatment technologies and parameter optimization for efficient hydrolysis of lignocellulose to fermentable sugars.
Nesting of red-winged blackbirds in cattails and common reed grass in Mentor Marsh.
Glyceria maxima (Hartman) Holmberg (Poaceae, sweet reed grass) is reported for Illinois based on recently collected specimens from Illinois Beach State Park, Lake County, Illinois.
This was the message at an open day last week organised by the Pembrokeshire Bio Energy Initiative which looked at crops such as miscanthus and reed grass.
By our third year of garden building, perennials like Joe-Pyeweed (Eupatorium maculatum) and ornamental grasses like feather reed grass (Calamagrostis acutifolia) had reached 5 ft in height and ground covers like lamb's ears (Stachys byzantina) and lamium (Lamium maculatum) had a spread of 4 to 5 ft.
These could be yarrows, artemisias, sedums, cacti, and many of the euphorbias, all of which thrive even in the desert Southwest; better suited to cooler areas like coastal Northern California are seaside daisies, dudleyas, and Pacific reed grass.
These include bamboos, pampas grass at the tall end along with Calamagrostis, the feather reed grass which hails from Eastern Europe and Russia with the best being the named variety Karl Foerster.
Reed grass, giant reeds, wild rye, even licorice, are indications of a dense clay or sandy loam someplace, because fresh water would be accumulating at the interface between the sand and impervious clay.
Today, with the loss of over-story trees, the Hendriksen property has been overrun by Burma reed grass (Neyraudia reynaudiana), an invasive exotic that crowds out native species.
In the front yard, she achieved that by loosely layering unfussy perennials--including tufts of grassy-looking orange-streaked Anemanthele lessoniana-, 'Walker's Low' nepeta for purple contrast; clumps of Santa Barbara daisies, which die down in winter and reseed themselves; and feather reed grass (Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster').