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Adult and nymph stages of the reduviid bug acquire Try.
The kinetoplast, seen in the parasite in Figure 1B, distinguishes Trypanosoma cruzi from both Toxoplasma and Histoplasma, which lack a kinetoplast, but not from Leishmania, which does have this structure but usually concentrates in the phagocytic cells, an uncommon site for Trypanosoma cruzi Leishmania is transmitted by the sand fly; Chagas disease is transmitted by adult reduviid bugs that ingest trypomastigotes while taking blood meals from infected animals, and are then ingested or contaminate mucus membranes, conjunctiva, or abraded skin with fecal material.
HAT is transmitted by tsetse fly while the American variety is transmitted by reduviid bugs. Human trypanosome infections like the ones seen in Africa and South America are unknown in India (3).
The disease is transmitted to humans through the bite wound of reduviid bugs (triatomids, kissing bugs, or conenose bugs).
Reduviid bugs, or "kissing bugs" live in cracks and holes of substandard housing found in South and Central America.