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To tag a token six of knowledge bases become the inputs which are knowledge base of root words compound words reduplicate words kata luar biasa" kata pandu" and affix.
marginal fold induplicate; distal fold reduplicate.
This gaze, which involves expectations based on a paradigm of feminine beauty, sensuality, and erotic appeal and is legitimated by the right to control through the act of contemplation the interpretation of the female body (equally, of the male body, which must confirm to its own paradigm within the patriarchal model), is deducible from the semiotic conditions of the publications in question: one can work back from the images they reproduce and reduplicate in the insistently iterative fashion of popular culture, to construct a model of the sort of ideological consciousness to which they are addressed.
And like an organism, the state has a certain life, governed by opinions and prejudices, opin ions which reflect the accumulated wisdom of a nation's past, anticipating the future, not simply to reduplicate the past, but to provide a foundation for mature and reasoned growth.
Consequently, they enjoy a major advantage for developing xDSL services, as these technologies are forged to exploit copper network opportunities to the hilt and the infrastructure is very difficult and expensive to reduplicate for new entrants.
They may emphasize, within the narrative itself, the need to reduplicate not just the saint's efforts, but also the struggles of those who overcome adversity through the saint's spiritual help.
Though it is generally a shaky move to make claims about which visual images look black, Asian, or otherwise "ethnic," since these judgments are always subjective and can tend to reduplicate the language of essentialism and racialism, if not 'racism, this figure struck me as undeniably African American.
Still, even Bob Bennett has to draw the line somewhere: "The only step that was not taken was to ask the doctor to induce an erection to reduplicate the circumstances that Jones had alleged.
ldots]1 in their valorization of reading, of the desire for literature, and in general of the literary life, the social effects of novels is affectively to imprint those who consume them with the taste and desire precisely to repeat that consumption, to reduplicate and circulate narratives.
Moreover various cloning and cell culture techniques make it possible to reduplicate large numbers of input organisms with desired heritable qualifies, no matter how those qualities were originally produced.
The first stage is "substitutive," when one tries to reduplicate "home.
Noting the simplicity of critics' expectations to hear "an attempt to reduplicate styles of eras gone past," Taylor invokes an idiosyncratic and ultimately indeterminate notion of the usability of past "styles,"
Does "sense" do anything more than reduplicate the beliefs and behaviors on which it is based, as "dormitive power" was adduced to explain the workings of opium?
The Tenants is a watershed novel in this regard, with Dubin's Lives (1979), a novel centered on a biographer whose own life begins to reduplicate the patterns of his prizewinning biographies, suggesting one answer while God's Grace (1982), a beast fable with a distinctly apocalyptic flavor, suggests another.
We change the beginning syllable or reduplicate a middle syllable but not the last syllable.