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an art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color

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Professor Yiannopoulos's historical studies implicitly reject the twin dangers of reductivism and microscopic contextualization; (16) for, at its best, his legal history respects the elusiveness of historical reconstruction by focusing on legal rules and ideas as containing within themselves influential charms and attractions that are capable of enlisting human loyalty and agency.
Several authors have recently argued that the best explanation is provided by a particular account of belief, which this essay calls pragmatic credal reductivism. On this view, what it is for an agent to believe a proposition is for his credence in this proposition to be above a certain threshold, a threshold that varies depending on pragmatic factors.
But the loaded word "cult" hints at this book's major weakness: although hard-hitting and lively, it is frequently tendentious and hyperbolic, often succumbing to the same reductivism of which they accuse their targets.
Pincoffs's book Quandaries and Virtues: Against Reductivism in Ethics.
She argues that Parks has been influenced by Lawrence's ambivalent notion of Englishness, by his idea that "the novel can move beyond the various kinds of reductivism associated with parochialism and its close shadow, imperial nostalgia" (167).
Indeed, the reason that Bennett's argument proves so effective is that he carefully traces the tensions between empiricism and rationalism instead of falling into the sort of reductivism that is possible in this approach: this play corresponds with empiricism and that play corresponds with rationalism.
The failure of reductivism suggests that justificatory analysis should proceed on the basis that fiduciary liability is distinctive.
The current Australian neo-liberal political context does not often emphasise that search for meaning that Maurie writes about, instead it is dominated by a 'heightened kind of literacy reductivism' (Eisner, 2005), a limited notion of 'evidence based practice' and groundless, continued attacks on critical literacy.
Reductivism Ad people are probably the masters of this - distilling an emotive idea to its essence and then making it su- per-compelling in a very limit- ed time.
Somehow this came from thinking about the entanglement that reductivism got us into.
Reiser explains that 'this biological reductivism' is 'the distorted rationale behind Ensler's belief that it is okay to speak for all women through her straight, white, American middle-class voice' (Reiser 2006).
A vile racist xenophobic party who thrive on identity politics and the kind of reductivism that has led to many a war in the Balkan tinder-box!
Along these lines philosophers of education identified and exposed fallacies in reasoning, battled against fundamental errors such as ethical relativism and epistemological reductivism, and aimed for a coherent and systematic rationalisation of beliefs and practices.
(66) Lorraine Code, in a reading of Mohanty's earlier essay "Under Western Eyes," also concurs that the power of Mohanty's argument lies in exposing "global optimizing as one of the least viable routes towards justice and right precisely because of its reductivism, which requires no movement beyond the limits of imaginations rooted in the imperialism of illusory self-sameness." (67) Imagining sameness in perspective between women is itself thus an exotic fetish that allows one to speak without interrogating the relations of power within which one does so.
Simplifications are not necessarily reductive, though they are sometimes conducive to reductivism. Instead, they are intended to generate clearer insights into whatever happens to be under their description.