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characterized by or causing diminution or curtailment

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Advanced technology in the form of slender LED headlights and flush deployable door handles serve to accentuate Velar's reductive, sculpted form while contributing to its drag coefficient of 0.
In [NT1] we introduced the notion of splitting which really combines the case of solvable and reductive groups.
Night harvesting is part of the reductive winemaking style favored by modern vintners.
The torsor approach they develop draws heavily on the theory of reductive group schemes developed by M.
These mice develop mutant protein aggregation cardiomyopathy (MPAC), a type of heart failure characterized by reductive stress and protein aggregation, the clumping together of misfolded proteins.
Complicit in this construction of a reductive historical narrative have been the gauchiste elements, upon whom the conventional narrative has conferred fame and status, and the state, which has benefited from a narrative that emphasizes the utopian, spectacular, and romantic elements of May 1968 and thus reduces the seriousness of the events.
Unlike oxidation, which can't be reversed, wines that have reductive smells can be cleaned up - to a certain extent.
It seems that the era of reductive empiricism is ending, but what's emerging is not friendly to Christian orthodoxy and the service of Christ.
In other words, Lewis (1986) promises a reductive analysis of modal sentences.
In our previous work, we had data-mined genomic databases and utilized available biochemical data on metabolic pathways of several reductive chemoautotrophic organisms that included Aquifex aeolicus, Hydrogenobacter ther-mophilus, Thiomicrospira denitrificans, and Chlorobium terpidium, enabling us to construct an almost complete chart of reductive autotrophic intermediary metabolism (Sriniva-san and Morowitz, 2009).
According to Reductive Labs, the software uses a "declarative-based language for expressing system configuration" that enables IT managers to encode semantics about why systems are configured as they are.
Two kinds of desulfonylation processes are presented: reductive desulfonylation (replacement with hydrogen) and reductive eliminations (formation of multiple bonds).
According to the company, the Riviera line is a contemporary interpretation of modern French styling enhanced with reductive detailing.
Reductive amination is a fundamental chemistry process that dramatically expands the application of aldehydes and ketones by transforming them into amines.
Merrifield considers multi-disciplinary approaches and methodologies to consciousness, including first-person, phenomenological, and dynamical alternatives to reductive models.