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characterized by or causing diminution or curtailment

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Elevated FID responses in these same zones and corresponding depth intervals without evidence for CVOCs may indicate the presence of methane, produced as a by-product of ongoing CVOC reductive dechlorination.
The torsor approach they develop draws heavily on the theory of reductive group schemes developed by M.
These mice develop mutant protein aggregation cardiomyopathy (MPAC), a type of heart failure characterized by reductive stress and protein aggregation, the clumping together of misfolded proteins.
Unlike oxidation, which can't be reversed, wines that have reductive smells can be cleaned up - to a certain extent.
It seems that the era of reductive empiricism is ending, but what's emerging is not friendly to Christian orthodoxy and the service of Christ.
Reductive amination is a fundamental chemistry process that dramatically expands the application of aldehydes and ketones by transforming them into amines.
Merrifield considers multi-disciplinary approaches and methodologies to consciousness, including first-person, phenomenological, and dynamical alternatives to reductive models.
Mario Beauregard is one of the few scholars in neurology who is not a reductive materialist, meaning that he does not reduce all experiences to their underlying material construction and constituents.
Far from adopting a more rounded worldview, Mamet's essay suggests that he has swapped one reductive, one-dimensional view for another equally reductive, one-dimensional worldview.
Chronic overproduction of the compound changed the chemical environment in the cell from oxidative to the opposite, a reductive state.
But there is another side to the coin - reductive stress, which some experts believe can be triggered by antioxidants.
The methods comprise creating a mutated enzyme that catalyzes the reductive amination or transamination of the target 2-ketoacid or ketone or the reduction of the ketone and providing the mutated enzyme in a reaction mixture comprising the target 2-ketoacid or ketone under conditions sufficient to permit the formation of the desired amino acid, amine or alcohol to thereby produce the amino acid, amine or alcohol.
Wouldn't an inspiring African-American family drama with articulate characters, minimal vulgarity and almost no dependence on old-time religion be refreshing in this era of Tyler Perry's reductive stereotyping?
That's a poster that never could have come out of the reductive, Weinstein-headed Miramax, and I'm glad it didn't, because it's honest about the film in a way the film itself is honest about age.
In the cavernous former ropemaking shed of the Arsenale, 16 cities from four continents were assembled on a compare and contrast basis, with facts, figures and three-dimensional density models (resembling giant mutant stalagmites), so if you were paying attention, you came away knowing by exactly what percentage Bogota's population had expanded over the last 10 years, but the geographer's zeal to flatten everything out into comparable statistics made for a somewhat reductive viewing experience.