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Often at the start, family members would not consent to attempted restraint reduction for fear their loved ones would fall or wander and be injured.
According to a report by state Superintendent Delaine Eastin, California's push for class-size reduction reached a growing number of primary-grade pupils during the just-completed school year, the second since the program was introduced in the fall of 1996.
Implementation of this systemwide utilization management program resulted in a reduction in LOS for all classes of patients, regardless of payer class because of improved efficiencies in delivery (table 3, below).
Tree growers and planting contractors are upset over a reduction in the number of tree seedlings the province will fund this year.
The reduction in the balance sheet ranged from two companies with more than 60-percent reductions and four with more than 50 percent to five firms with no reductions.
Based on the restructuring and SG&A reduction actions to-date, and an understanding of the remaining actions to conclude these activities by the end of 2007, influenced by the divestiture of the Health Group, the company now expects that the total employment reductions will be in the range of 28,000 to 30,000 positions and total charges will be in the range of $3.
1502-28T adopts a consolidated approach to attribute reduction and applies to DOI occurring after Aug.
On November 21, 2003, the Montreal Chapter of Tax Executives Institute submitted the following letter to Minister of Finance Yves Seguin to express concern over a proposed delay in the reduction of the Quebec capital tax burden.
This article will look at the possible causes of coreless induction furnace lining wear, and explain why melting ductile iron will cause a more aggressive reduction of the silica lining than when melting gray iron.
Over the past two years, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has offered a Peak-Load Reduction Program to reduce electric-power costs and improve electric-system reliability.
In all, 98 percent of the state's school districts are participating in the second year of class-size reduction, and 84 percent of children statewide in kindergarten through third grade are being taught in the smaller classes.
The facility made a direct link between restraint reduction and a corporate philosophy that promises the best possible care in a supportive and comfortable environment.
11% pretax for a taxpayer in the 28% bracket) might better be shifted to home mortgage reduction.
108(b) attribute reduction that results from the exclusion of cancellation of debt (COD) income when a member is insolvent or in bankruptcy.