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a substance capable of bringing about the reduction of another substance as it itself is oxidized

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The formal reaction partner is a hydrosilane, an organosilicon compound that acts as a reducing agent.
In addition, reducing agents will not remove NOM Finally, frequent preparation of the reducing agent is required to avoid bacteria proliferation within the pretreatment system.
The addition of a reducing agent sets up an equilibrium between [Cu.
Figure 2 shows effect of concentration of a reducing agent (i.
According to a write-up prepared by SiCon, "The most preferred utilization of shredder granules is [their] injection into a blast furnace as a reducing agent to replace heavy oil or pulverized coal.
Nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converters [NSC] or selective catalytic reduction [SCR] systems based on the 'AdBlue' reducing agent are being used to break down the nitrogen oxide.
No effect of addition of the reducing agent glutathione to pooled plasma was detected that could not be accounted for by this within-run variation.
With iron, it is an alloying element; with copper, it is a reducing agent that provides atmosphere as a melt cover; and with aluminum, it is the principal lubricant base/mold release as well as the primary connection in reduction cells.
In the United States, hydrogen peroxide is classified as GRAS and is approved for use in some foods as a bleaching agent, oxidizing or reducing agent and as an antimicrobial agent.
ATLANTA -- Knowlagent, the intraday management solution designed for the world's 10 million call center agents, and NexxPhase, a cloud-based contact center outsourcer, have partnered to help improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction by reducing agent idle time.
Liaoning Oxiranchem, Kelong Fine Chemical, Zhejiang Huangma and Shanghai Taijie act as major suppliers of polyether monomers, occupying 60-70% market share in China polycarboxylate water reducing agent industry.
0% by weight of a compound of the formula R1 (Mn04)n, or mixtures thereof, wherein R1 is H, an alkali-metal, or an alkaline earth metal, and n is 1 when R1 is H or an alkali-metal and 2 when R1 is an alkaline earth metal; and a reducing agent comprising between about 1-3% by weight of a peroxygen compound, or mixtures thereof, wherein the peroxygen compound is hydrogen peroxide, urea peroxide, an alkali-metal peroxide or an alkaline earth metal peroxide.
Aside from the other benefits we've discussed in previous issues related to the benefits of quality headsets (eliminating the need for agents and customers to repeat themselves, the elimination of errors in taking down customer information, reducing agent frustration, reducing breakage and returns), noise-cancelling features are key even for small call centers.
Hsu and Baskin note that vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an oxidizing agent; however, it is a reducing agent, exactly the opposite.
In this system, a hindered amine light stabilizer is used instead of a hindered phenolic thermal stabilizer and is combined with a dialkylhydroxylamine, which acts as a peroxide de-composer, radical scavenger, and reducing agent.