reducing agent

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a substance capable of bringing about the reduction of another substance as it itself is oxidized

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For example, reduction of hydrogen tetrachloroaurate solution can be affected by the choice of suitable reducing agents, molar concentration ratios of the reducing agent to gold, the temperature and the reaction time.
66x10-4 M 2 ml) of the iron (III)-kojic acid complex into the cuvette with subsequent addition of a calculated amount of appropriate reducing agent.
Coke is used as a reducing agent when smelting iron ore in the first stage of making steel.
Current technology includes heating crude oil and injecting drag reducing agent (DRA) chemicals to reduce oil viscosity.
It is based on N-heterocyclic carbene catalyst and a silane as the reducing agent.
The pro cess uses chemicals that are environmentally friendly, such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as a reducing agent, and requires less catalyst.
Typically, SCR systems use a nitrogen-containing reducing agent (usually ammonia or urea) that is injected into the engine's exhaust upstream of the catalyst.
The addition of a reducing agent sets up an equilibrium between [Cu.
Figure 2 shows effect of concentration of a reducing agent (i.
According to a write-up prepared by SiCon, "The most preferred utilization of shredder granules is [their] injection into a blast furnace as a reducing agent to replace heavy oil or pulverized coal.
Nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converters [NSC] or selective catalytic reduction [SCR] systems based on the 'AdBlue' reducing agent are being used to break down the nitrogen oxide.
The Finnish fertilizer company Kemira GrowHow Oyj said on Friday (23 September) that it had joined forces with the European chemical distribution group Penta on selling GREENOX AdBlue, an emission reducing agent for diesel engines, in the European market.
No effect of addition of the reducing agent glutathione to pooled plasma was detected that could not be accounted for by this within-run variation.
Nickel hypophosphite is a complex nickel salt that can be directly added to a nickel bath solution to provide the required oxidizing nickel ion and the reducing agent in the form of sodium hypophosphite.