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Quakers in England were not above orchestrating good publicity for COSA in order to counter the hostility of the redtop papers and to provoke constructive debate--journalist Rosemary Hartill, who wrote several supportive articles in the national broadsheet press, was herself a Quaker.
Redtop germinates relatively quickly and for this reason was once widely used in seed mixtures.
Common non-native forage species found on the study sites (Figure 1) were red fescue (Festuca rubra L.), redtop (Agrostis gigantea Roth), white clover (Trifolium repens L.), and alsike clover (Trifolium hybridum L.).
TABLE 8-3 Permissible Velocities for Vegetated Channels Permissible Velocity (m/s) (b) Cover Slope Erosion-Resistant Easily Eroded Range (a) Soils Soils 0-5 2.4 1.8 Bermudagrass 5-10 2.1 1.5 >10 1.8 1.2 Bahia Buffalo grass 0-5 2.1 1.5 Kentucky bluegrass 5-10 1.8 1.2 Smooth brome >10 1.5 0.9 Blue grama Tall fescue Grass mixtures 0-5 1.5 1.2 Reed canary grass 5-10 1.2 0.9 Lespedeza sericea Weeping lovegrass Yellow bluestem Redtop 0-5 (c) 1.0 0.8 Alfalfa Red fescue Common lespedeza (d) 0-5 1.0 0.8 Sudangrass (d) (a) Do not use on slopes steeper than 10 percent except for vegetated side slopes in combination with a stone, concrete, or highly resistant vegetative center section.
Additionally, BTI has recently expanded its network of dealer operations to include several new organizations: Martin Equipment of Illinois Inc.; Redtop Rentals in Kentucky; Northern Equipment in Massachusetts; Tri-State Equipment Co.
These 3-D pictures caused much excitement in the redtop presses.
NOTE: Do not use redtop for the coarse-textured grass in this exercise.
Augustine Sunflower Tulip Verbena Trees Alder Ash Aspen Beech Box Elder Cedar Cottonwood Cypress Elm Hickory Juniper Maple Mulberry Oak Olive Palm Pecan Pine Poplar Sycamore Walnut Willow Grasses Bermuda Fescue Johnson June Perennial Rye Redtop Saltgrass Timothy
The grasses, Leersia lenticularis (catchfly grass), Panicum rigidulum (redtop panicgrass), and sedges, Carex joorii (cypress swamp sedge), Cyperus odoratus (fragrant flatsedge), and Eleocharis obtusa (blunt spikesedge), are commonly encountered in marshes.
In summer, allergy-provoking grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, timothy, Bermuda and redtop take over.
The ranch thus lets its 3,000 fans know when its two varieties - Redtop and O'Henry - will be at its fruit stand, usually early July and early August, respectively.
These include timothy, Johnson, Bermuda, redtop, orchard, sweet vernal, and Kentucky bluegrass.
Obsidians: Harold Thompson will lead an 8-mile cross-country ski trip to Redtop Mountain with 2,100 feet of elevation gain.
Bizarrely, the Eton-educated Cameron had bonded with the earthy, former tabloid hack to such an extent that D'Ancona describes Cameron as "awestruck" by his communications director and "treated Coulson as a redtop shaman."