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a common Old World wading bird with long red legs

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Another Spotted Redshank was at RSPB Conwy on Saturday, while a Mandarin was in Llangefni Dingle, a rare bird on Anglesey.
They are much more heavily marked than a redshank, having black masks and black breast-bands, though these tend to turn brown in the winter.
It may be presumed that this began to encourage oystercatchers in particular but also redshank to explore further and further inland to such an extent that it became an annual pilgrimage as they found these inland locations extremely suitable for breeding.
An estimated 600 wading birds on the reserve have seen their nests and breeding attempts destroyed, including almost two-fifths of England and Wales's lowland snipe, as well as redshank, lapwing and rare blacktailed godwits.
By munching away on the vegetation, the cows will leave tussocks of grass that will provide important food and homes for insects, small mammals and wetland birds such as lapwing and redshank. The work is part of a three-year project, led by the RSPB, to create a flood plain grazing marsh habitat for birds, otters and water voles.
It will create an ideal place for bird species such as lapwing, redshank and snipe to thrive, as well as otters and water voles.
The lake is also the only nesting site in Slovenia for the red-necked grebe, the redshank and the ferruginous duck as well as a breeding place for the corncrake.
Vignettes in this collection feature songbirds that hang out in parking lots, ravens that cavort on airport tarmacs, and a rare spotted redshank visiting Brooklyn.
The Directive sets January 31 as the close of the hunting season for migrating birds across the whole Community: the new French law defers the close of the season until February 10 for certain species such as tufted duck, February 20 for others including redshank, and as late as February 28 for other species.
More than 200 species of birds have been spotted at the reserve, designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its nationally important populations of lapwing, snipe and redshank. The reserve also attracts many rare birds every year, including the first ever cattle egret and river warbler to be recorded in the Midlands region.
Frequent visitors are lapwings, redshank, terns and golden plovers.
Visitors will see waders such as curlew and redshank feeding on the rich mudflats of the estuary, while in winter, the abundance of wet grassland attract a myriad of waders, including golden plover and lapwing.
Detective Sergeant Jonathan Smith, from Derbyshire Police's Operation Redshank, said: "This operation focussed on an international heroin importation network stretching from Pakistan to the UK.