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return or recoil

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have an effect for good or ill

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The savage, bronze warriors entered into the spirit of it, for as I learned later dear old Perry had left no opportunity neglected for impressing upon them that David was emperor of Pellucidar, and that all that they were accomplishing and all that he was accomplishing was due to the power, and redounded to the glory of David.
This redounded for the President to fill up five vacancies in the transition body.
It must first be determined whether the debt had redounded to the benefit of the conjugal partnership or not.
Some displaced scholars settled in Mecca and were led by scholar Shaykh DaAEud bin aeAbd Allah al-Fatani, whose many works became foundational for a new text-based type of Islam and ultimately redounded to Southeast Asia to become the core texts throughout the region.
Maybe not, but Pinter plays run on a subtext of power struggle, and having three directors in the room (along with cast members Bruce Alan Rauscher and Frank Britton) surely redounded to the play's benefit.
The investments, in Turkey, for coal extraction in manufacturing, energy and mining are now able to benefit from incentives.Economy Minister Zafer CaAlayan said in a written statement that the scope of incentives for coal manufacturing had been enlarged with this change taking into consideration the sector's investment needs, the security of energy supply and matters like current account deficit.High-calorie coal includedThe recent incentive system, which came into force on June 20, 2012, had allocated incentives to only low-calorie coal (low C class), but this decision will allow for incentives to be given also to high-calorie coal, said CaAlayan."Our underground resources will be redounded to the economy in a fast way.