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return or recoil

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have an effect for good or ill

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8220;It's time that FocalPrice redounded upon great trust and support from all the customers.
The minister said that a large number of machinery equipment had completed their life and have become redounded.
Gerald Schwarz, whose contract with the Phil was not renewed in circumstances which redounded no credit on the orchestra, has been awarded the 2009 First Citizens Award in Seattle where he has been the musical director since 1985.
The personal and the political combined in ways which actually redounded to Wilkes's credit and he ended his days with 'profit, patronage, and extensive usefulness' as the City Chamberlain of London, having gained the guarded respect and esteem of no less a personage than George III.
Largely as a way to incentivize ambitious executives, several years ago Stronach began fracturing Magna into highly autonomous operating units whose bottom-line results redounded significantly in the compensation of the chiefs who ran them.
This focus on campaign-as-theater redounded to Bush's benefit.
That this redounded to the (huge) benefit of his workers and customers - and the workers and customers of his many competitors - was ironic.
The '60s and '70s were often invoked, but, with the exception of Anna Sui's missionary Woodstockdom, they were seldom the real source of the simple chic that redounded in, for example, the elegant sheath dresses produced by Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Saint Laurent.
He goes on to argue that the Americas, ironically, redounded on Europe.
It is true that there are Supreme Court pronouncements that held that the husband of the judgment debtor cannot be deemed a 'stranger' to the case prosecuted and adjudged against his wife for an obligation that has redounded to the benefit of the conjugal partnership.
Hopefully this (change) has redounded to being a partner to all of you.