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return or recoil

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have an effect for good or ill

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It is painful, at all times, to see a grand and beneficial stroke of genius fall of its aim: but we regret the failure of this enterprise in a national point of view; for, had it been crowned with success, it would have redounded greatly to the advantage and extension of our commerce.
She also related that light industry promotion will redound to a better economy and a more stable society which could put an end to vicious cycle of poverty.
He also called on the Filipino people, including their Muslim brothers and sisters, 'to lend a piece of ourselves to endeavors that redound to the common good and benefit the most number of people'.
'Now, more than ever, we are called to lend a piece of ourselves to endeavors that redound to the common good and benefit the most number of people,' Duterte said.
'The Government gives the assurance that it is being conducted in the most transparent and ethical way possible and the final decision will redound to the benefit of the people of Trinidad and Tobago,' the statement noted then.
People living in highly urbanized areas lead a more fast paced and stressful lives, and compounded with pollution and quick greasy food, all redound to a lifestyle that is less than ideal.
The 89-year-old Lim wished the other winners' "success in their governance" because this would redound to the benefit of the citizens of Manila.
During the meeting, which took place at the Jordanian embassy in Washington, the Crown Prince voiced his pride in the students' efforts in pursuing highest degrees of scientific achievement and acquiring the knowledge and skills which would redound to their performance after graduation.
The state-run firm is asking the ERC to grant a provisional authority to execute the CSEEs which 'will benefit the power coops and will ultimately redound to the benefit of the end consumers.'
In his latest, he draws parallels between the rise of the SNP in Scotland and the rise of fascist movements in Italy and Spain He adds: "I fear that the official Church's unwillingness to confront the mobilisation of hatreds that is occurring in what has become a profoundly divided country will redound little to its credit when the history of these times is written."
"We have received a lot of help from the society, and now it is our turn to redound upon the society," he told Helsingin Sanomat one year ago.
Angara said the improved education programme would redound in improving the quality of graduates and make them more competitive abroad.
Despite her best friend's warnings, the impetuous Claire uses the book to seek justice, ignoring the Witch's caveat that spells cast in revenge redound three times upon the caster.
As family members try to reach consensus they are better able to understand each other and appreciate and celebrate diversity and individual differences that redound to less internal stress and promote harmony.
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