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Synonyms for redolence

a sweet or pleasant odor

Synonyms for redolence

a pleasingly sweet olfactory property

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Anyone who rates four or six hours of TV time as opposed to the standard two has to be pretty darn important, so when the B- or C-level actor or actress strives to replicate their subject's charisma in a tepidly written seduction scene (and there's always one of those), the result is invariably TV cheese of a particularly strong redolence.
Its rich summer redolence was often in my thoughts, and always, in returning, there was the welcoming roar of the upstream waterfall.
Because of Bate's intense mitigation of the nationalistic redolence of nature writing, world literature in English can in turn be claimed for a toned-down localism: a move which enables The Song of the Earth's fist of primary texts to have a global reach.
People with trimeth have gone to extreme measures to alter their redolence, including sweat gland removal, exorcism, hourly baths and suicide.
A trial of bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders together with Mullah Omar and his top ministers and generals would be most appropriately held in the Hague, away from local pressures and prejudices in the United States or Afghanistan, and less obviously a target for terrorist reprisals, although doubtless an isolated island like the Falklands or, with historical redolence, St.
The sexuality of trees and of people overlapped in some curious ways, nearly always through smell: the fishy scent of maybloom, which made it preeminently the tree of fertility in old England; the frowst of chestnut, which had always made her think of ripe corn till a friend said it was like semen (and she disgraced herself by saying so to an aunt who hated the smell); the redolence of plane-tree leaves, like a woman's heat grown cool upon one's fingers.
So far these fine minds have failed to come up with policies which are either superior to Labour's or have a redolence with the public.
Raising it slowly to your mouth, you notice the crisp redolence of fruit and accents of oak-spice.
But when I dreamed that I must take leave at once of all creation so that of no animal for which Noah once built the ark there should be a redolence, after the fish, the sheep and the hen that all perished together with humankind, I dreamed for myself one rat that gave birth to nine and was blessed with a future.
as a man might be lost in that space where the battered hull's held tenderly against the wharf-buffers where the same deep redolence rises where the same light sifts & the logs swing over.
To a New York viewer of a certain age there is a real redolence here of the East Village, and particularly the Semaphore East gallery--one thinks not only of artists who are still going strong, like Ellen Berkenblit, but also of names that have completely disappeared from view: Does anyone but me remember Felix Pene du Bois or Janet McKiernan?
Sweaty redolence exudes pheromones laundered cloth lacks?
Plectranthus tomentosus, suitable both as ground cover and as a hanging basket plant, has pubescent leaves with a strong peppermint redolence.
Or the redolence of a fine fragrance may evoke fond memories of a past love.