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Synonyms for redolence

a sweet or pleasant odor

Synonyms for redolence

a pleasingly sweet olfactory property

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She and her husband have launched their own cafe in the centre of Lahore and have bigger plans for Redolence Cakes in the future.
She and her husband have launched their own caf in the centre of Lahore and have bigger plans for Redolence Cakesin the future.
They can be little things, like the fragrance of rain rolling through mountain pines, the redolence of sagebrush crushed underfoot, the pungency of gun solvent, the sulfurous fumes of marsh muck, or the one that for me triggers the widest swath of emotions--the aroma of wet dog.
In order to illustrate the ability of the past to resurge explosively, for example, Harris asks what is betokened by the theatrical use of gunpowder as part of a lightning effect in Macbeth, and traces a series of olfactory meanings in response, from the still-topical redolence of the Gunpowder Plot, to more commonplace odorous evocations of theatrical devilry.
(Collected Earlier Poems 56) The "cloister," the combined convent and nursing home, saturates the senses with austere beauty, from the contrast of the cross on the wall to the redolence of roses.
My favourite onion fact is the world record for semantically independent consecutive uses of the word 'onion' which was set by Anthony Burgess in his novel Enderby Outside, when he wrote the immortal lines: '[He] breathed on Hogg-Enderby, bafflingly (for no banquet would serve, because of the known redolence of onions, onions) onions.
With each passing year various pandals displaying Vigneshwara in all his glory smacks of a political redolence that is peculiar to the class we are discussing.
Still, it's hard not to marvel at how so little acreage has fertilized so many imaginations from Whitman's time until now, imaginations which find it somehow redolent of mythic content, even if the redolence is piss and vomit and decomposing bodies.
For analytical purposes within this paper, I will use the word "andaya" to refer to the Cairo flats where aragi is brewed due to these spaces' somewhat "public" redolence as Sudanese drinking establishments.
The house, designed and built by Neil himself, is large, spacious, welcoming and has a redolence of woodfire and good coffee.
"Fall represents an assault on all the senses," he says, "the brilliance of color, the crispness of the air, the redolence of rotting leaves."
Its scorching heat, bone-dry climate, bleak emptiness, and near virgin state were new and daunting to this Midwesterner with, as he later put it, "the redolence of corral dust still in my hair." (30) But gradually, the desert, and the ingenious ways plants and animals somehow survived there, left an everlasting impression on him.
A redolence encapsulate, now drifting Just for one whispering moment you are there,
Mar ("mare") is a familiar form of Mary--with farmyard redolence! I owe Jeff Grant's trigram-bigram version (WW 04146) for the key words hue, way, law and fun (but as a verb, to tease laughingly).
The redolence of familiarity comes from the fact that health care in the U.S.