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  • verb

Synonyms for redo

to do or perform (an act) again

Synonyms for redo

do over, as of (part of) a house

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Reputation Redo is the only company in the reputation mangement landscape that is actually a subsidiary of a major public relations firm.
Deck ReDo has served Minnesota homeowners for over 20 years, offering top of the line deck staining, deck refinishing, and deck restoration services.
He flashed the big bills and taught Redo their names.
In standby database creation process is no need to copy files of online redo protocols type and temporary files.
To generate the redo SQL statements, you will once again need a solution that understands the DB2 log format and can create the SQL needed to redo the data modifications.
He said that REDO has extended this facility with the cooperation of Turkish Organization to daily outdoor patients.
While chairing a meeting here on Sunday, REDO Secretary General Haroon Rashid said that a mechanism has been evolved to facilitate patients in rural and urban areas and it has also been decided to organize free medical eye camps at different localities to provide opportunities to the deserving patients to get themselves enrolled for free eye surgeries.
He lauded the humanitarian services of REDO organization which had provided an infrastructure of state of art medical treatment facilities to the needy and deserving patients in Rawalpindi and Chakwal.
REDO is an organization which was established to provide free of cost eye treatment facilities to the poor people.
Tenders are invited for Redo Streets in Neighborhoods Infrastructure: Buhoci, March 6 and Cuciur in the City of Onesti, Bacau
More than 200 patients were being attended in outdoor patient department daily in REDO Medical Complex I, located off the Murree Road, behind Old Naz Cinema, Rawalpindi.
Contract award: redo inscriptions in electrical installations of 110 kv medium voltage + low voltage + cor bacau, botosani, iasi, neamt, suceava and vaslui.
Gurrera has also hooked the Beluga caviar of designers, known for Times Square and other food frenzies - whose name we've caught but can't cook 'cause they want to make a splash, so we're a bit broiled - for an extravagant redo of the three dining floors and bar.
Now that you're done wasting our money on this inane project, please come to my street and redo the giant pothole that extends from curb to curb and is already eroding.