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  • verb

Synonyms for redo

to do or perform (an act) again

Synonyms for redo

do over, as of (part of) a house

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The man would hold out a pound coin that dazzled Redo in the light.
3) Backup start of all primary database data files, including the online redo log protocols files and temporary files into backup directory.
This cost needs to be balanced against the cost of long scans of log data sets to isolate data to redo or undo, and the cost of applying that data using SQL.
while Oscar winner "The Departed" was a redo of the Hong Kong thriller.
The giant mirrors in polished steel that top I Do and I Redo were made there as well.
He lauded the humanitarian services of REDO organization which had provided an infrastructure of state of art medical treatment facilities to the needy and deserving patients in Rawalpindi and Chakwal.
By all accounts, the interior redo is long overdue.
Haroon said that REDO is providing treatment of the kidney patients, however, he said that the treatment is costly adding that the poor patients can not afford it.
REDO facilitates those doctors who want to serve the poor people by giving them a platform and opportunity, he said.
Lot3 - Redo Df Prislop including Dalat bridge upstream canton - 119,464 Lei
Gurrera has also hooked the Beluga caviar of designers, known for Times Square and other food frenzies - whose name we've caught but can't cook 'cause they want to make a splash, so we're a bit broiled - for an extravagant redo of the three dining floors and bar.
In fact, it's estimated by one source who tried to mount a redo that as many as 30 drafts were attempted before New Line got involved.
Secretary General REDO, Haroon Rashid said this on Sunday while chairing a meeting to evaluate the Free Operation Campaign.
More than 200 patients were being attended in outdoor patient department daily in REDO Medical Complex I, located off the Murree Road, behind Old Naz Cinema, Rawalpindi.
Tenders are invited for Redo Streets in Neighborhoods Infrastructure: Buhoci, March 6 and Cuciur in the City of Onesti, Bacau