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having population and industries relocated from urban to outlying areas

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6%) Mr Wolmar eliminated and his votes redistributed.
5 million non-citizens (both legal and illegal) in the country redistributed nine seats in the House of Representatives in 2010.
Owing to the scrapping of BA and BSc programme courses this year, 100 seats were redistributed to four courses.
Overall, 75% of the redistributed positions must go to primary care or general surgery, but the percentage of primary care vs.
In many cases, the "recycled" drugs are redistributed for free to community clinics where people without other prescription assistance are treated.
But the onset of the French Revolution in 1789 redistributed vineyards to regional families, which, subsequently, have been subdivided within families.
Almost $207 million was redistributed in 2002, close to $270 million in 2003.
To trigger an e-mail virus, an individual must typically click on an e-mail attachment, but IM attacks can be transmitted and redistributed automatically in seconds and without the same level of end-user participation.
Moreover, whereas property ownership had formerly been a requirement for Roman soldiers, the Marian reforms led to the recruitment of vast numbers of poor, propertyless plebeians whose prospects could be enhanced if land were redistributed to them.
Legg Mason paid for a $700 individual subscription to Lowry's New York Stock Exchange Market Trend Analysis and then redistributed it without permission within the company by fax, e-mail, photocopying, and the company intranet.
In an individualized system, contributions accrue within the personal account and cannot be redistributed.
Long fortissimo octave passages can be redistributed between the hands (Example 1).
The evacuation plan will be revised and redistributed to Stevenson Ranch residents to incorporate the reopening of Pico Canyon Road.
And some streams without the flag could be reproduced and redistributed freely.
A normal dosage goes to the brain but is then redistributed quickly to the rest of the body, making it a short-acting anesthesia.