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  • verb

Synonyms for redistribute



  • re-allocate
  • divide up
  • share out
  • reassign
  • re-allot
  • re-apportion

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distribute anew

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The redistribution can only take place once there is a law allowing us to redistribute,' Elsie Trinidad, NHA spokesperson, said in a press conference in the agency's central office in Quezon City on Monday.
DEWA implemented the changes to the 132kV transmission grid during the first half of 2014 to redistribute the load across 37 stations with 45kms of new cables.
Instead of growing the economy and creating wealth, they want to redistribute wealth.
The bank said that it would redistribute capital to shareholders if deemed overcapitalized in the future, and also added that it is planning to start paying dividends as soon as possible.
PRINCETON, NJ -- About half of Americans advocate heavy taxation of the rich in order to redistribute wealth, a higher percentage than was the case in 1939.
The new bill will allow the government to seize and redistribute privately owned land, as long as it is deemed unproductive.
That "right" refers to the desire of the UN to redistribute wealth and technology from the U.
The relationship provides each EDUCAUSE institutional member with a free license to redistribute CIS benchmarks and software tools on college- and university-owned systems.
The construction of a modem, new 200-bed hospital facility enabled QHC to redistribute and consolidate its operations, making a portion of its campus available for development.
This gave the furniture its flexibility, allowing it to absorb impact and redistribute the stress across the entire frame of the chair.
Redistribute notes to eliminate stretches between interlocked hands (Example 7).
It is expected to take one month to redistribute the 44,000 annual runway slots held by the failed carrier at Paris's Orly airport.
But a larger dose does not redistribute as well, remaining concentrated in the brain and shutting down respiratory functions.
to purchase and redistribute the automaker's car production machinery.
Public Works Coordinator Pete Adler, who manages the cleanup program, directed the work crews to set aside the working bikes in order to redistribute them to people in need.