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the withdrawal and redistribution of forces in an attempt to use them more effectively


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For my own version, I have turned in another direction, that of a redisposition of the stanza around a medial axis (Mittelachse):
Consider how the interplay of representation and metaphor in "Mont Blanc" is energized by the anagrammatical smashup of the river running through landscape and poem, the Arve--the river that "raves" in its "ravine," that rushes beneath the veil of its "voiced vale." The play between the Arve's destructive power, Mont Blanc's still and solemn power and the "adverting mind," a further redisposition of the Arve which adverts through the voice, shuttle the reader to an ending which might be the white desert of the un-imprinted page ahead, the presence of a unfigured God or, as the poem dreads, mere vacancy Ave atque vale.
In contrast, the redisposition of the terzina rhymes in "Sad Steps" conveys the shuffling caution of a speaker prematurely old and unable to pass the night without passing water.
"Through reform rhetoric" in antebellum America, Castiglia argues, "Americans came to see [social unrest] as caused less by economic or political inequality than by defects of the human will, personality, or 'character.' In locating the vectors of social inequality and dissent in proximity to normative 'character,' and by seeking to remedy social ills through the redisposition of delinquent interiority, nineteenth-century reformers, while making significant social gains for America's underclasses, simultaneously facilitated the individualizing and affect-saturation of political life" (32).
Leila Ahmed's memoir may be read as such a redisposition of the materials of her history, a redisposition that presents a new configuration of the individual consciousness in diaspora, functioning as "a historical and social actor" in the world it represents.
YOPB returns wards to their courts of commitment for redisposition, discharges commitments, grants and sets conditions of parole, revokes or suspends parole, recommends treatment programs and returns nonresident wards to their states of jurisdiction.
The Chinese have no plans for rehabilitation, prevention of epidemics, restoration of utilities, establishment of a balanced economy and redisposition of millions of refugees."
What we tend to do, and I think we are getting away from it now, is just redisposition of our backlog of old debit memos.
The treaty ratified a feudal redisposition of the serfs in both the United States and Mexico, and the voices speaking on its behalf were those of a stateless oligarchy--the corporations, the Wall Street banks, the big media--that felt as little allegiance to the United States as the pilgrim on the shores of San Francisco Bay.
Only rare events were detected at the geomorphologically prominent Kraliky Graben area whereas southwards along the northern side of the Moravska Sazava valley section a WNW-ESE belt of seismic phenomena sub-parallel to the Busin zone is obvious; this could also indicate significant neotectonic evolutionary redisposition of this water-gap landform, although not so clear like at the Trebuvka water-gap section nearby.