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the act of discovering again

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Healthcare services company Five Star Quality Care (NasdaqCM:FVE) announced on Tuesday the addition of memory care apartments at The Gardens of Bellaire in Bellaire, Texas under its Bridge to Rediscovery (BTR) programme.
This continual sense of discovery and rediscovery -- along with birds, along with rivers -- inhabits stunning poems that daringly enter the most tender of places.
The authors can't answer this central question, but it makes the rediscovery of this humble and impenetrable man no less revelatory.
But musically, this is an important, treasured and very satisfying rediscovery and reconstruction.
The next three essays examine John Toland's rediscovery of Jewish Christianity.
This is the second year that schools named Spirit of Knowledge and Rediscovery Academy are applying for a charter, although some of the details have changed.
In August, Rediscovery operated the Mountain Spirit Adult Program.
After the smash rediscovery of Alan Bennett's The History Boys, his Single Spies now gets a dusting off.
She traces its rediscovery from the 1750s--it was 'the birthplace of scientific archaeology'--and the influences of Lord Lytton's 1834 novel, The Last Days of Pompeii and the sermons of C.
ENI--Europe's largest grouping of churches has noted the continent's steadily growing proportion of people aged more than 65 years old and is calling for the rediscovery of "the interdependence between generations.
Pulitzer Prize finalist William deBuys presents The Walk, a novel of the beauty of nature, and how it aids one man in the rediscovery of hope after the end of a long marriage and the death of a close friend.
How could the discovery of this little planet, and the rediscovery of it by Gauss, be of such importance to our health today?
That is the rediscovery of the religious expressions of indigenous communities and especially those with origins in the spirituality of Afro-descendants," said Mr.
Irwin's living blank slate of a man (the Proprietor calls him ``pilgrim'') is bristly, occasionally emotional and able to take real delight in the rediscovery that he was once a smoker.
Flavor industry forecaster Flavor & The Menu predicts a rediscovery of huckleberries and mulberries, along with pomegranates and Valencia oranges in the coming years.