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Critique: Thoroughly 'reader friendly' in tone, commentary, organization and presentation, "Rediscovering Love: An Intimacy Restoration and Growth Journey Guide" is a 'real world practical' and ultimately inspiring read from beginning to end.
Rediscovering business success and having the right people on the bus is not enough.
Critique: Enhanced throughout with beautifully reproduced, full color artwork, "God For Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Lent and Easter" is an impressive compilation of Christian meditations and prayers for Lent through Easter and is as inspired and inspiring, as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking.
As a person with hearing difficulties and rediscovering my language I find it helpful to have all S4C programmes subtitled into English and Welsh as I watch.
Although she names moments when we may feel a spiritual void Carroll is careful to focus her stories on celebrating and rediscovering an essence that she argues is inside of us waiting to be rediscovered.
Summary: Lewis Hamilton has urged his McLaren team to power on after rediscovering the winning habit in Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix.
Then all they needed to do was to make sure the public were aware of it and let them make the decision to do the rediscovering.
The Politics of Jesus: Rediscovering the True Revolutionary Nature of Jesus' Teachings and How They Have Been Corrupted by Obery M.
Rediscovering Abundance: Interdisciplinary Essays On Wealth, Income, And Their Distribution In The Catholic Social Tradition, knowledgeably co-edited by Helen Alford (Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Pontifical University of S.
Churches of all persuasions and rituals are rediscovering that the 'joy' that the Bible talks about can be a major part of their order of service.
Writer, musician, member of the Celtic band "The Moors" and practicing Pagan Sharynne NicMhacha presents Queen Of The Night: Rediscovering The Celtic Moon Goddess presents legends of Celtic moon mythology in thirteen chapters, structured to represent the moon's thirteen monthly and annual cycles.
"If 2004 was the year of online search, 2005 will be the year marketers are rediscovering direct mail.
The Pontiff also hopes that the apostolic letter will help all the faithful to rediscover the "gift of the Eucharist as light and strength for your daily life in the world, in the exercise of the respective professions and in contact with the most diverse situations." In particular, he suggests rediscovering the Eucharist "to live fully the beauty and mission of the family."
But I had to go to New Hampshire to find out." For Packer, large crowds of people showing up for a primary counts as "rediscovering politics." So what does he call thousands of citizens obsessively posting, linking, and discussing politics, polls, strategies, and history--and the hundreds of thousands more reading these blogs daily?