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(law) questioning of a witness by the party that called the witness after that witness has been subject to cross-examination

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But these media rarely feature the great direct examinations of all times, let alone a redirect examination.
When a direct or redirect examination is performed effectively, it has a comfortable, conversational tone.
The general purpose of redirect examination is to clear up confusion and explain new matters brought out on cross.
Finally, the proponent must weigh the value of the evidence and be prepared to have the publication used to rehabilitate the expert witness on redirect examination.
2001) (learned treatise may be used to rehabilitate expert during redirect examination on subjects or issues used to impeach expert during cross-examination.
Such responses can mitigate the impact of admitting a lack of knowledge, and also can alert the appraiser's attorney to return to this subject for amplification in the redirect examination following cross.
Sometimes the appraiser and attorney do not have the chance to confer before redirect examination, and the attorney may have to launch immediately into redirect without a break.
The expert must wait until redirect examination to note that none of these questions was relevant to the appraisal.
This is a hedge to allow the witness an opportunity to remember the answer later, perhaps on redirect examination, and not be locked into a position that is adverse to his or her testimony.
If cross-examination does damage the CPA's testimony, redirect examination by the client's attorney may help.
Upon the redirect examination of the prosecutor, Sula said Napoles expressly instructed her to return the remaining balance of P2,000 to her because she controls the said foundation.
During redirect examination, defense counsel asked her further questions concerning the same excerpts.
Answering questions during the redirect examination handled by Special Prosecutor Lalaine Benitez, Negradas also told the antigraft court's Fifth Division that Napoles had control over the financial matters of the fake nongovernment organizations.
The prosecution tried to block Buenaventura's line of questioning, arguing that the information he was trying to elicit from Sunas were not part of the redirect examination.