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  • verb

Synonyms for redo

to do or perform (an act) again

Synonyms for redo

do over, as of (part of) a house

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We took down and cut in the wall near the fireplace, removed and redid the plumbing, reframed everything, redid the fabric, then sunk the cabinets in.
He recalls that when G-Tech staffers picked an unsuitable color for seating, Hurt and his crew were flexible and redid the seating at minimal cost.
The essays are personal: we learn about one author's depth of engagement in his work, another's feelings at the time his first article was accepted, and a third's admiration for her workmate who redid the interior of his 1972 Ford in mahogany veneer.
Triestman said they have worked for, among others, three generations of the Zeckendorf family -- they redid William Sr.'s desk three times -- Tishman Realty, Olympia & York -- including the elevators at Battery Park City and the executive office of John Zuccotti, Abrams Benisch Riker for the elevator cabs in the Chemical Bank headquarters on Park Avenue, Cushman & Wakefield at the former J.C.