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Synonyms for redemptive

of or relating to or resulting in redemption

bringing about salvation or redemption from sin

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What is more mysterious, however, is this invitation to the share in our Lord's redemptive suffering.
His understanding of Friedlander's concept of redemptive antisemitism, that it provides a necessary precondition to mass murder without needing it to explain individual actions, stands in contrast to the skepticism of the scholars in the second and third parts of the book.
Barber and Maruna point toward the origins of this strange ritual and other manifestations of the redemptive idea, but Wilfred McClay takes us there, to America's Puritan roots and the secular creed that emerged from them.
But there are other times when Davis' attempts to place works within a redemptive framework seem forced.
According to Johnson, there is the need to have redemptive value coupled with the need to give back and make amends to the Christian community.
Franz Rosenzweig's rational subjective system; the redemptive turning point in philosophy and theology.
Over the past two decades Eastwood has become America's most serious mainstream filmmaker, probing and dissecting the Hollywood myths of redemptive violence that earned him box office success.
If Graber Miller's "redemptive sexual counterculture" defines the "rules" for shameless sex by "human" definition, leaving out God's definition of marriage as being the committed relationship where sex is safe, I fail to see how this is redemptive.
Friends, allies, my frontline compadres in the ongoing war against mediocrity and the battle for the redemptive glory of rock and rocking soul, I have a confession.
To sum up," he says, "we found that psychological well-being was associated with post-trauma stories that were high in closure, high in redemptive imagery and high in themes of national redemption.
The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals denied food giant General Mills' deductions for "cash distribution redemptive dividends" it paid participants in the company's employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).
In a decision that creates a circuit split, the Eighth Circuit reversed a district court and held that a corporation was not entitled to a deduction for cash distribution redemptive dividends paid by the corporation's employee stock ownership plans to plan participants who left the corporation.
While in the 1950s and 1960s, the redemptive republicans pressed for fundamental political change, the integrative republicans remained more conservative and sceptical, not least of ideology.
The memoir ends on a redemptive note as Griffin reflects on her children's successes and all she managed to accomplish when the odds were stacked against her.
My reading contends that the women in the novel embody a challenge to the redemptive contract, a contract derived from economic and moral criteria found in early nineteenth-century political economy.