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On this day as we rededicate themselves to the political ideals of Chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
On this day, we rededicate ourselves to the political ideals of Chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
We rededicate ourselves to independence - the best possible future for Scotland.
The President said that the birth anniversary of this visionary leader was an occasion for all to rededicate ourselves to democratic ideals and principles as championed and pursued by our great visionary leaders.
His philosophy and teachings inspire all of us to rededicate ourselves to cause of the underprivileged with service and sacrifice.
The author's "Prologue" follows, expanding on his belief that 21st-century artists "must rededicate themselves to a broader professional agenda that reaches beyond what has been expected of them in an earlier time.
Rather than waste our energy worrying about global competition we should rededicate ourselves to helping every child reach their potential as a well-rounded human with a thirst for knowledge and creative expression.
The group also called on Congress to rededicate revenue from the private foundation excise tax for the strengthened oversight and reaffirmed its support for simplifying and reducing the excise tax from a complex variable rate to a consistent 1 percent of private foundation investment income, a move the organization says will free up "potentially more than $140 million" for foundation grant making.
We need to rededicate ourselves to being the corporate watchdogs over the financial statements.
The infusion of cash has allowed the 30-year-old organization to rededicate itself to grassroots activism.
It is our hope that communities will peruse their records, talk with their oldest citizens, and then find and rededicate or restore these memorials, remembering their original intent, as described in the pages of this magazine more than 80 years ago: "The trees will be, in their very greenness and robust strength, reminders of the youths who gave their vigor to win the big war.
On 20 October 2002, a ceremony was held to rededicate a Sikorsky H-34 Seahorse helicopter to Marine Air Group (MAG) 41.
This month, on the eighth anniversary of the revised journal, we rededicate ourselves to the needs of developing countries.
We needed to rededicate ourselves and focus on our mission--working for civil rights," says Julian Bond, NAACP board member and veteran activist.
In short, we'll rededicate ourselves to keep on "washing our socks" for another 50 years.