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a porter who helps passengers with their baggage at a railroad station

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While the librarians on this project benefitted from having some background in research data management and coding, this project provided us with new skills in understanding research workflows and using REDCap.
While this area is at an early stage of exploration, it shows very encouraging signs for additional lodes of mineralisation of economic significance within the Redcap Project area.
The potential to find extensions to, and repeats of, this style of mineralisation throughout the Redcap Thrust is believed to be excellent, as evidenced by the very large and strong zinc in soils anomaly located over Redcap.
Last year the official inquiry concluded the attack on the Redcaps 'could not reasonably have been predicted' and nobody was to blame.
As a measure to save money for the moves, the Air Force did not request any operation and maintenance funding for either REDCAP or key portions of the Eglin Range in its FY97 budget request.
Buffalo, NY), contractor for REDCAP, was not asked to provide a similar cost estimate until March 21, according to industry sources.
Simon Miller, of Usworth, Washington, died, aged 21, in June 2003, along with five Redcap colleagues after a confrontation with local people in Majar al-Kabir.
The father of murdered Redcap Ben Hyde today accused Army top brass of burying their heads in the sand over his son's death.
REDCAP Major Matt Harper-Titchener died unaware he was about to be the father of the baby girl for whom he had longed.
Robins, who founded and guided The Redcap Review into national prominence as an independent research voice on small cap companies, left the publication in November 2002 to expand Crown Point Group, which was previously focused on corporate advisory services for private and small cap companies.
Giant versions of a Birkenhead Priory monk and Mother Redcap - who ran a smugglers' inn, were also created for the event at a series of workshops at The Grange and Pyramids Shopping Centre.
The father of murdered Washington Redcap Simon Miller, 21, killed in Basra in 2003, said British troops should be pulled out immediately to put an end to the killings.
Shocking scenes of British soliders being attacked has led a father, who lost his Redcap son to an Iraqi mob, to call for the troops to come home.
This new pool discovery along with the initial Redcap 3-3 gas discovery, made in the summer of 1998, are expected to be on stream in the second half of 1999.
Professional artists are finishing off impressive models of historic characters in Wirral's history - from a Birkenhead Priory Monk and John Laird to Wimbledon champion Lottie Dod and Old Mother Redcap.