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Synonyms for redberry

small spiny evergreen shrub of western United States and Mexico with minute flowers and bright red berries

North American perennial herb with alternately compound leaves and racemes of small white flowers followed by bright red oval poisonous berries

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The seedlings of blackberry cultivars, thornless 'Arapaho', 'Xavante' and 'Ebano' and thorned 'Comanche', 'Caingangue', 'Choctaw', 'Tupy', 'Guarani', 'Brazos', and 'Cherokee', and redberry (Rubus rosfolius), species native to the Mantiqueira range, were grown according to the methodology by Villa et al.
This deephued, spicy, full-bodied redberry fruited blend of four grape types has good balancing acidity and goes well with roast lamb or a beef casserole.
4) Redberry stopper (Eugenia confusa De Candolle), 1.
Every drink the bartenders crafted had to be a new creation based on Finlandia Vodka, or a member of its flavour family, from Cranberry to Lime to Redberry or Mango Fusion.
and was purchased late last year by Redberry Resto Brands from Yum
Partridgeberries (also called foxberry, redberry and cranberry in Canada, cowberry in England, and lingonberry in northern Europe) are a variety of cranberry.
4g Nestle Sveltesse Redberry and Chocolate Cereal Bar, per 25g bar Calories: 97 Protein: 1.
Mendis (2004) conducted a comparative study of the relative capacities of Clayoquot Sound BR and Redberry Lake BR to undertake the functions of a biosphere reserve; "capacity" was examined in terms of the different "capitals" (human, social, economic, and ecological) and "mobilizers" (factors that motive people to work for community goals).
The new cream shots--Honeycomb, Choc Mint and Double Choc--will join Sidekick's existing flavours Redberry, Blueberry, Orange, Apple, Vanilla, Mint Blast and Pink Pear Drop.
In the high plains of western Texas, redberry juniper (Juniperus pinchotti) appears to be facilitated by mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) (McPherson et al.
Since then, Finlandia has introduced more fresh tasting flavors to the portfolio: Finlandia Lime Fusion (1999), Finlandia Mango Fusion (2004), Finlandia Redberry (2004 -- limited distribution in Eastern Europe), Finlandia Wild Berries Fusion (2005), Finlandia Grapefruit Fusion (2006), Finlandia Tangerine (2009), and coming soon in Poland, Finlandia Blackcurrant Fusion.
New Stride Sour Patch Kids gum will hit stores in January 2014 and will be available in Redberry and Lime flavors.
One-eyed Anthony Richardson, from Redberry Way, South Shields, called 999 twice and the non-emergency 101 number on the morning of June 30.