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Synonyms for redact

someone who puts text into appropriate form for publication

formulate in a particular style or language

prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting

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Consequently, in light of this, if the name of a certain sage was mentioned previously in a sugya and there exists another statement (or statements) ascribed to him--there is definitely room to include them in the same sugya, if this is possible based on various considerations, as the redactors see fit.
She argues that the P-style texts in Joshua are not genuine priestly material but were added by later redactors in an attempt to create a Hexateuch.
Excessive current can harm triac and destroy the redactor. Therefore, if the redactor detects the excessive current state, relay will become involved again.
mysterious redactor of Margery's Book, basing her argument on the
Rubenstein also discovers an earlier rabbinic pairing of Moses and Akiba from Pesiqta deRav Kahana, which he shows to be one source drawn upon by the redactors of the Bavli.
that these texts are very problematic and get in the way of understanding exactly what sort of history is being presented." (3) "The Black Horse Ledger" embodies these concerns more overtly than most ledgers that have been altered due to the dual nature of the ledger's textual alterations: the disfiguring secondary images and the redactor's alphabetic script that actively comments on the manipulated history recorded in the ledger.
162)--because her models of scholarship to recoup lost histories of event and inscription can be generalized beyond the texts, authors and redactors she studies, and the ways of thinking and writing she begins to illuminate, can once again inspire us in our creative engagement with the traumas of our experience.
In a major chapter, Dr Miller presents the view that all sacred Jewish literature was subject to the pervasive work of scribal editors and redactors: `letters, poems, apocalypses, community manuals, wisdom writings, and the like all show signs of having been subject to extensive editorial treatment' (p.
His declared intention is admirably straightforward: 'to make this Biblical text accessible as a book to read, which is surely what was intended by its authors and redactors'.
His extensive introduction discusses such aspects as interpretive assumptions, the search for sources and redactors, date and provenance, the significance of observing redactional layers, and opponents of the tract.
Rather, these two sources were combined with each other at the same time that they were combined with the P and D documents, in one process of redaction, Baden critiques the manner in which passages have traditionally been attributed to redactors, and argues for a more restrictive concept of the redactor and his work.
During his lengthy involvement in the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches, he provided yeoman service as an early redactor of the landmark Faith and Order document Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (1982) and then as one of its final redactors along with John Zizioulas and Jean-Marie Tillard.
The redactors inherited a tradition that had taken to acknowledging Others and Difference in ways no longer fully adequate to the complex sameness and difference" of the new Christian Empire (17).
Prophecy itself had undergone a change and the methods of the late redactors appear less and less like those of the prophets whose work they preserve and reinterpret.
Drawing upon texts outside the Bible and also in other languages, such as Persian, Ugritic and Greek, the authors believe that the labels used to designate early and late Biblical Hebrew are invalid; that both forms co-existed and were used by two groups of redactors. This argument is continued in the second volume, which presents a more in-depth analysis geared toward advanced students and scholars.