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Synonyms for redaction

putting something (as a literary work or a legislative bill) into acceptable form

the act of putting something in writing

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"Our cost-effective, web-based service, Ocucon Pixelate, already allows organisations to quickly and easily upload and redact video footage and, with the introduction of a first of its kind full body redaction functionality, we're yet again setting a new standard in surveillance technology as the most intuitive and costeffective video redaction service on the market."
Et les reactions au sein de la redaction ont ete generalement positives, assure-t-il.
Il alimentait, a cette epoque la redaction du journal arabophone Al Bayane, pour devenir membre de l'equipe et de la commission presse autour d'Ali Yata, Simon Levy, Chouaib Riffi, Abdeslam Bourquia, Khalid Naciri, Mohamed Bennis et d'autres dirigeants et militants du PPS.
Cet article s'interesse au plagiat en contexte de redaction de travaux academiques en milieux collegial et universitaire.
We identified beneficiaries with claims affected by the redaction by comparing claims-based spending estimates to unredacted spending totals.
"By eliminating the need for manual redaction, Blackout users have seen huge reductions in the cost and turnaround time for review, as well as having more confidence that 100% of sensitive information has been redacted," said Steve Ankenbrandt, CEO of Milyli.
* Redaction: Protect sensitive information from unauthorized exposure and achieve regulatory compliance with automated, rules-based full and partial redaction capabilities.
Je tiens a remercier Matt pour son professionnalisme, son devouement et son engagement envers l'excellence, mais par-dessus tout, pour son soutien et son amitie durant le temps que nous avons passe ensemble a la redaction. Je remercie egalement Anne Moulton, presidente sortante de l'ACITN, pour son engagement, son devouement et son soutien envers notre revue professionnelle.
Some agencies have turned to technology to help them be more efficient, but many electronic tools are meant for a single, specific purpose, such as redaction. Most tools sold solely for the purpose of redaction do not offer a web-based solution and document repository for storing the original record or working versions for each level of review, and they don't offer the security of a sanitized electronic record for distribution to the requester or for publishing.
Redaction of court records is a cause for concern for many.
They seek to use the new presuppositions of redaction criticism to examine anew the larger literary units in Genesis-Kings, and to identify the compositional processes that gave us these books as they exist today.
L'article par Amir Kalan sur la redaction en langue seconde s'averera particulierement pertinent pour les enseignants d'anglais academique dans les milieux postsecondaires.