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Synonyms for redact

someone who puts text into appropriate form for publication

formulate in a particular style or language

prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting

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Another person who read the redacted pages suggested that the contents would embarrass the Saudi royals and the family of George W Bush.
3m was received by landlords whose details were redacted - more than three times the figure for Conwy, the county in second place.
An unnamed law firm used forensic IT to brose the released files and discovered that some of the previously redacted information became viewable.
Federal judges in Madison will now require that parties file redacted briefs, she said, though as of Wednesday Apple and Motorola were still filing key briefs entirely under seal.
Business customers' bank account information was also posted, although partially redacted.
Unfortunately, the remainder of that page is redacted.
Yesterday, Thames Valley Police declined to comment on whether they had hired the helicopter or the reasons for doing so and why the flight log had been redacted.
Thames Valley Police declined to comment on whether the force had hired the aircraft or the reasons behind doing so and why the flight log had apparently been redacted.
They also claim that information to be redacted by the order is available in other public records.
Taking its name from a little-known word for preparing a literary work for publication, Redacted is a title that's as hard to fathom as Rendition.
He also refused a request from Mr Evans not to read the documents while the MoD prepared an application to have them redacted or removed.
And to De Palma's chagrin, but with a kind of poetic hypocrisy that both the military and the movie industry excel at, a closing montage of photos of real Iraqi dead has been redacted itself by the film's distributor, the corpses' eyes blacked over for some obscure legal reason.
Despite the redacted parts, this is a gripping story, as Berntsen and his relatively few men battled not only the enemy, but sometimes the bureaucrats as well.
At one point this results in a farcical situation in which Berntsen directs his readers to a specific page in Schroen's book where they can learn the identity of an Afghan warlord whose name is redacted in Jawbreaker.