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Synonyms for redact

someone who puts text into appropriate form for publication

formulate in a particular style or language

prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting

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Some emails were redacted, meaning they had classified information.
"Our cost-effective, web-based service, Ocucon Pixelate, already allows organisations to quickly and easily upload and redact video footage and, with the introduction of a first of its kind full body redaction functionality, we're yet again setting a new standard in surveillance technology as the most intuitive and costeffective video redaction service on the market."
This year, if an issuer redacts too much information, CCIIO will ask the issuer to replace the over-redacted version of the rate filing with a more complete filing, Plemons said.
The entries were immediately removed and were going to be redacted.
(1) a redacted version of the OLC-DOD Memorandum must be disclosed, (2) a redacted version of the classified Vaughn index submitted by OLC must be disclosed, (3) the Glomar and "no number, no list" responses are insufficiently justified, (4) DOD and CIA must submit Vaughn indices to the District Court for in camera inspection and determination of appropriate disclosure and appropriate redaction, and (5) the Office of Information Policy ("OIP") search was sufficient.
Though he has warned he may get tougher on the issue, the nature of the case raises the possibility even his final decision might include redacted, or blacked-out, sections.
Bruce Jackson Past form Richard Hannon, who saddles Redact, has a fine record in this event.
The courts want to make sure that for attorneys and the parties in a case, to redact text in an electronic document, they must remove the metadata--the information about the data.
Techniques using scalpels and multiple copying have been applied for years impacting on the environment as well as valuable man hours, this solution claims to be unique unique in the fact that is can be used to redact information from all document formats, it can handle templates to automatically remove information from forms and works seamlessly within all commonly used software packages via a toolbar button.
With new technology from Kofax ( and Computing Systems Innovations (CSI,, Marion County was able to process and redact private information from 7 million pages of official records in seven weeks, according to a recent press release from Kofax.
Taddeo wrote in her decision that city officials failed to cite which part of the law governing Freedom of Information request gives them authority to redact the video.
Redact Social Security numbers from the 10 copies, leaving the complete number in the original.
He added: "MIT took it upon themselves to redact the papers to move matters forward.
When individuals request their case files, there are often names of third parties, medical details and other information that needs to be redacted with Rapid Redact for data protection purposes.
The tool's near-native redaction lets users see the native version of their documents and redact accurately, which ultimately saves time and cuts the costs of converting original documents to TIFF or PDF files before redacting.