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having red stripes

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PARENTS should be extra vigilant after a man in a red-striped shirt and trousers offered sweets to a seven-year-old boy, say police.
He was wearing baggy jeans, a blue stain top with red-striped sleeves and was carrying a dark red plastic bag.
Patriots coach Bill Belichick, still the alpha male of the coaching fraternity, in a navy blue power suit and red-striped tie -- with a hood and the sleeves cut off.
Resplendent in a fresh white and red-striped livery, the aircraft was unveiled during a launch ceremony held today in the SISAM hangar at Ciampino Airport, near Rome.
To keep attuned to chefs who are always searching for something new, this fall the company plans to offer golden baby and red-striped beets, bronze fennel, various colors of amaranth and greens like peppercress, braising mix, mustard greens and different baby red lettuces.
Also available this year are three shaped cookie doughs in festive designs featuring Rudolph, a red-striped candy cane and a holiday tree.