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That left me very tired - and the next day's early start showed just how tired for I realised at breakfast that the red-rimmed eyes I was sporting were due not to my lack of sleep, but to applying red lip liner to my eyelids instead of the customary waterproof black!
According to experts, normally observed symptoms of pollen allergy include sneezing accompanied by a runny or clogged nose, itching eyes, nose, and throat, watering of eyes, difficulty in breathing, conjunctivitis - an inflammation of the membrane that lines the eyelids causing red-rimmed eyes.
The more of these "sources familiar with negotiations" addressing journalists have red-rimmed eyes at ad-hoc briefings, wishing us a good morning when it's well into the afternoon, the more certain we can be: Negotiators are going through the night trying to forge consensus.
There are, for example, the tapered rolling pins from France, the metal baking sheets, red-rimmed white enamel pans and the French market baskets for which Kimmel searched high and low.
I remember as clear as day May's tear-stained, red-rimmed eyes when she returned from the farewell thank-you meeting DF concerts arranged for locals.
He said a friend had posted a family reunion video, but he only watched about two minutes of it before he had to turn it off and put on his sunglasses to hide his red-rimmed eyes.
Each goes to his proper land, with sad goodbyes, and Colton is left with special red-rimmed glasses that may help him find more magical experiences with pocket dragons.
She turns in bed, too early to rise, the sky sickly yellow, red-rimmed. Red in the morning, sailors take warning.
A petite chapeau and red-rimmed coke-bottle sunnies.
The story is written in a deceptively spare style, building to a searing conclusion that left me wandering around a local grocery store with red-rimmed eyes, having to explain that everything was fine; I had just read this book, you see ...
"They shot President Kennedy," she told me, her red-rimmed eyes flashing up to look at me.
"Never knowingly understated," would be Andy's motto if he were a chain of department stores, and in his designer glasses, red bow tie and red-rimmed shoes, he looks like a man who's keen to make an impression.
Hours earlier, she had been seen with puffy, red-rimmed eyes as she arrived for hairdo.
Silver-blond and bland, with the trademark oversized, red-rimmed glasses, Warhol languidly distanced himself from his environment.
the red-rimmed sun gives way, my friend humming along with the