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EzW2 also supports the data printing function on pre-printed forms because many users still prefer the traditional red-ink forms.
Hideki Matsumura, senior economist at the Japan Research Institute, said the current account balance returned to the black in February because the red-ink figure in January was caused mainly by a seasonal factor of plunging exports during the New Year holidays.
1 billion yen, with red-ink figures increasing in the transport and tourism sectors.
The Red-Ink Annotator also uses trefoils like those of Scribe Salthows twenty-four times: some are marginal markers in isolation; others follow glosses; still others are combined with "amen" in red to supplement scribe Salthows's chapter-end amens and trefoils.
Before discussing their agendas, however, the various red-ink annotations need to be sorted.
When red-ink behavior is in action, money is lost--sometimes lots.
These red-ink firms have been so far exempted from taxation.
It would be enough to turn you, too, from an eternal red-ink editor into a happy coach with lots of free time
The balance logged a red-ink figure for the fourth straight month.
This method enables taxes to be collected from even red-ink companies.
These production model scanners are all equipped with 1,000 sheet automatic document feeders, red-ink drop-out and imprinters.
But it was within a widely expected red-ink figure of around $64.
3 billion yen, extending the company's red-ink streak to a third straight year.