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mark with red ink

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EzW2 also supports the data printing function on pre-printed forms because many users still prefer the traditional red-ink forms.
Hideki Matsumura, senior economist at the Japan Research Institute, said the current account balance returned to the black in February because the red-ink figure in January was caused mainly by a seasonal factor of plunging exports during the New Year holidays.
When red-ink behavior is in action, money is lost--sometimes lots.
These red-ink firms have been so far exempted from taxation.
All throughout, the red-ink editing escalates, consuming much of the manager's time and energy and enraging the writer-sinners.
Magazine publishers also need plenty of cash in the bank to tide them over the red-ink years, he said.
The final point and most important piece of information is that Ariel is consumed in red-ink, is almost out of cash based on their most recently filed 10-Q.