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widely cultivated hybrid poker plant

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1327: Edward II was murdered by a red-hot poker being thrust up his anus in the dungeon of Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, to ensure his son Edward III could succeed to the throne.
1327: Edward II was murdered by a red-hot poker in the dungeon of Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire.
This means most guys would rather have a red-hot poker pressed to their eyeballs than have to sit through them.
Titles like It Rhymes With Lust and Crime Does Not Pay depicted a sleazy, yet moralistic, universe where teens mashed at sex parties, the girl next door murdered her abusive father, and many a glowering mug or moll thrust a red-hot poker into the eyeballs of many a deserving snitch.
Edward II was brutally murdered at Berkeley Castle with a red-hot poker in a manner considered appropriate to his sexual preferences and his embalmed heart was sent to Isabella, who received it with ostentatious sorrow.
After a 3-0 first leg loss to Watford, Crystal Palace boss Iain Dowie would have a chance threatening his players with a red-hot poker
They associate well with the traditional, scarlet-and-yellow red-hot poker (kniphofia) with its bottle-brush stems of similar height.
1327 EDWARD II: The English king was murdered with a red-hot poker at Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire.
Not shy to nudity, the 38-year-old actor had his rear branded with a red-hot poker in his new role.
In that scene, which, according to Kelly, is "all mangled up with fascination, hate, and sadism," the executioner partners the victimized Edward in a homoerotic duet that ends with Edward's climbing a huge grilled structure to receive the fatal red-hot poker.
They gave no hint of what we would get: a red-hot poker in the head, disemboweling, fingers being sliced off and a cat being impaled by a Christmas tree.
In 1986, Jarman found he was HIV positive, and set out to create a garden of lavender and red-hot poker at his cottage on a bleak stretch of the British coast.
In a tragic tale that mirrors many a violent crime today, the spinster killed her mother Margaret with a red-hot poker.
In gardening, is a red-hot poker an annual or a perennial?
The Tudors (BBC2, 9pm) There's some very nasty business with a red-hot poker as Henry VIII punishes the northern "traitors" who rose against him after the destruction of their monasteries.