red-hot poker

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widely cultivated hybrid poker plant

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Allium & astrantia Purple pompoms of allium are perfect with astrantia roma's small red flowers; Red-hot poker & pampas grass; Foxgloves & monarda; Dusty miller & verbena; Euphorbia & montbretia; Verbena & reed grass; Salvia & stipa
This means most guys would rather have a red-hot poker pressed to their eyeballs than have to sit through them.
After a 3-0 first leg loss to Watford, Crystal Palace boss Iain Dowie would have a chance threatening his players with a red-hot poker
They associate well with the traditional, scarlet-and-yellow red-hot poker (kniphofia) with its bottle-brush stems of similar height.
1327 EDWARD II: The English king was murdered with a red-hot poker at Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire.
Not shy to nudity, the 38-year-old actor had his rear branded with a red-hot poker in his new role.
1327 Edward II was murdered with a red-hot poker in the dungeon of Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, to ensure his son Edward III could succeed to the throne.
In that scene, which, according to Kelly, is "all mangled up with fascination, hate, and sadism," the executioner partners the victimized Edward in a homoerotic duet that ends with Edward's climbing a huge grilled structure to receive the fatal red-hot poker.
In 1986, Jarman found he was HIV positive, and set out to create a garden of lavender and red-hot poker at his cottage on a bleak stretch of the British coast.
In gardening, is a red-hot poker an annual or a perennial?
The Tudors (BBC2, 9pm) There's some very nasty business with a red-hot poker as Henry VIII punishes the northern "traitors" who rose against him after the destruction of their monasteries.
1 Red-hot poker (Kniphofia uvaria) Its upright green leaves resemble beach grass.
While he looks harmless, it's alleged he punished a grass by using a red-hot poker to brand a T on their forehead
A PRIEST is being investigated amid claims he burnt children's faces with a red-hot poker to keep them in line.
Q I HAVE half a dozen red-hot poker plants in plastic pots.