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used of British soldiers during the American Revolutionary War because of their red coats

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And now, for one performance only, YOU could be that red-coated Ringmaster
And now, for one performance only, that red-coated Ringmaster could be YOU.
All Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley) wants from Santa is a Red Ryder, Carbine Action, 200-Shot, Range Model Air Rifle, but all he hears from every adult and red-coated elf he encounters is the doomsday warning "You'll shoot your eye out
Later, the Queen went into the Royal refreshment area and I couldn't help watching as she took a cup of tea from a red-coated footman.
Here the elevated library (encased in red-coated zinc), the ovoid auditorium (with a pleated skin of ribbed zinc), the director's offices and displaced volume of the caretaker's house are clustered around the main entrance and atrium.
This world-renowned spectacle features 32 active Canadian police officers -- the famous red-coated Mounties -- performing choreographed cavalry maneuvers with a precision team of beautiful black horses known for their strength, endurance and heart.
Despite all the technology, human beings will still be on hand in the form of Virgin's red-coated Holiday Technicians.
The raiders, who had arrived at the scene on three scooters, drove away just moments after the red-coated pensioner began lashing out at them with the large black handbag.
THE RED-COATED captains from across Merseyside are going to St Andrews, where they will be photographed on the steps of the famous old clubhouse, as part of the centenary celebrations for one of the most prestigious golf organisations in the country.
There was even a red double-decker bus on parade and plenty of red-coated Royal English Guards on hand for photo ops.
Yet again the red-coated hordes will fill the square, refuting the arguments of protesters with their own claims that they are performing a valuable environmental service and upholding a way of life that has existed for centuries.
TALLY HO: The Kilburn White Horse in the Vale of York is now ridden by a red-coated huntsman; RUNNING WITH THE HOUNDS: The Uffington White Horse
These New Labour backbenchers thought they would have an easy time and have a bit of fun as well by picking on a few red-coated toffs.
The red-coated buffoons can tear Reynard to pieces with their own teeth if they so wish.
While hunting with guns and dogs, employed by Welsh hill farmers, may be efficient and should be allowed to resume, the red-coated fiasco of hunting on horseback with hounds kills fewer foxes in Wales than cars do.