red-breasted merganser

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widely distributed merganser of America and Europe

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We investigated movements and patterns of habitat selection by Red-breasted Merganser broods occurring in a saltwater environment, focusing on broods that originated from a merganser nesting colony in New Brunswick, Canada.
The season included the first confirmed breeding of shoveler on the Farne Islands while Northumberland's only breeding pair of red-breasted Mergansers nested again.
There were several red-breasted mergansers feeding near the eiders and I spied one through my binoculars grappling with a small flounder it had caught.
Costs and benefits to Red-breasted Mergansers nesting in tern and gull colonies.
The Portsmouth-born writer said that during his escape to the country, he made some of the first bird breeding recordings from Breconshire of red-breasted mergansers and completed some wildlife research work for the University of Wales.
Studies conducted over the past two decades on Pennsylvania and New York mergansers, especially common and red-breasted mergansers in the Lake Erie region, have concluded they may have varying levels of contaminants, including PCBs.
During fall and winter, its offshore waters support thousands of eiders, scoters, red-breasted mergansers, and brant.
Ponds on Anglesey contain frogspawn and at RSPB Conwy, Goldeneyes and Red-breasted Mergansers are throwing back their heads in mating displays.
In contrast, populations of six species reached an all-time low - mallards, pochards, goldeneyes, red-breasted mergansers, ringed plovers and dunlins.
Bring a spotting scope and look out to sea to find scoters, common eiders, red-breasted mergansers and plunge-diving gannets.