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My memory of it is of an age-long suffering of fear in the midst of a murderous crew, and of an infinite number of glasses of red wine passing across the bare boards of a wine-drenched table and going down my burning throat.
Don't you see, you thief, that the blood and the fountain are only these skins here that have been stabbed and the red wine swimming all over the room?
It was like the supper of an ordinary Swiss hotel, and good red wine grown by the convent in more genial air was not wanting.
Red wines and ale were brought forth and poured out, each man having a horn tankard from which to drink.
Researchers compared the effects of two polyphenols from red wine against grape seed and red wine extract supplements on bacteria that stick to teeth and gums and cause dental plaque, cavities and gum disease.
Red wine is another important local product as there are 20 red wine refineries in Erlin, the densest in the country.
Washington DC [USA], October 28 ( ANI ): Dear women, if you are planning a baby, then drinking red wine at least once a week may boost the chances of conceiving, suggests a recent study.
The study monitored the effects red wine had on 20 young and healthy adult non-smokers.
Red wine (preferably pinot noir) Combine all the ingredients, except the wine, in a shaker and shake twice; first with ice and then without.
Recently, Uruguayan chemists went to such great lengths to discover the secret of their healthy home-grown red wine, they plotted the genome of the Tannat grape from which it is made.
The flavonoid content in grape juice was shown to be similar to that of red wine, and, in addition, a study in the Journal of Biomedical Biotechnology found that one member of the flavonoid family in particular--anthocyanins--were better absorbed from grape juice than from red wine.
Chilled or cooled red wine is nothing new and where ever the style demands in France, Spain and Italy, reds are drunk appropriately chilled.
Resveratrol, a plant chemical found in grapes and red wine, blocks the cancer-fuelling effects of female hormone oestrogen, and can inhibit the growth of cells that have become hormone resistant, say scientists.
Stevens - a good friend of Hendrix - said the iconic rocker couldn't handle the red wine he was drinking that night.
Faced with the decision to either switch to Chardonnay or develop an oral red wine stain removal product, Kimberly Walker, founder of Borracha LLC, created a recipe to keep her smile pretty while she indulged in her favorite drink.