red willow

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Eurasian osier having reddish or purple twigs and bark rich in tannin

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By requesting and receiving the states Livestock Friendly County designation, Red Willow County is showing a true commitment to growing Nebraska and creating more opportunities for the next generation, said Governor Ricketts.
Vendor: Red Willow Offshore LLC, LLOG Bluewater Holdings LLC, and Ridgewood Energy Corp
Republican River Basin The ringed crayfish has been collected from the Republican River proper in Webster, Red Willow and Dundy Counties.
Things are in full swing by late April on Red Willow, in late May on Devils Lake, and in early June on Last Mountain Lake.
Muskrat and beaver gnaw new shoots of red willow, open winter lodges.
By the end of the current year (March 2009), the figure will increase to $7 million, Ali Safari said adding that totally some 58 million stocks of red willow will be harvested from the 75 hectare lands in Mahallat.
She's teaching the students an ancient hand game called koxouhtiit, played with red willow sticks gathered by the river, sanded down, and adorned with beads and feathers.
Columbia "South Chapel Block, Red Willow Vineyard" Syrah 2001 (Yakima Valley), $40.
Decorative detail can be added by using steamed black, bleached white, buff or red willow strips.
Last night at the Red Willow Ranch, their remuda of dude horses was loose in the yard, don't you remember?
The contract provides for 177,475 MM Btu of natural gas supplied by the Red Willow Corp.
First, they laid a bed of red willow reeds and twigs at the bottom of a wooden frame; then, they filled the frame with a mixture of water and fine gravel, which was tamped solid.
I use acrylic primarily in my paintings and also make traditional things like bustles and shields where I use 100 per cent natural material, from moose hide, red willow, sinew, and feathers," said Keeper.
When I was there," he said, "the Methodists had preaching points at the Upper Beaverlodge, Red Willow, then the church at the Lower Beaverlodge.
Columbia Winery Red Willow Syrah 1995 - David Lake at Columbia Winery is the leading light of Washington wine.