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a disease of cattle

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SIR - Tomos Livingstone suggests that Welsh Labour's "clear red water" agenda is the reason for Labour's recent defeats in Wales (Why Labour isn't working any longer in Wales, June 13), but provides no solid evidence for this.
Until this changes, there will be no real accountability." Clear Red Water is published by Francis Boutle Publishers and is priced pounds 7.99
Microscopic examination is limited in such a situation where the rabies virus is suspected and the animal had already been treated for red water. DIFFERENCIATING SIGNSThe red water parasites, medically called babesia, can also cause a blood cell reaction that mimics a viral infection.
On the stage, five people representing labor unions of registered nurses, engineers, logistics workers, and bus drivers threw pig livers soaked with bloody red water at pictures of President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier William Lai to show their anger.
The darkness continues with Red Water: "I'll be playing dead" to scratchy rhythms.
After becoming first minister the following year, Mr Morgan vowed to put "clear red water" between the party in Wales and New Labour.
In a conscious echo of former Labour First Minister Rhodri Morgan, who coined the phrase "clear red water" to distinguish his administration from that of Tony Blair in Westminster, Neil McEvoy derided any question of a coalition between the two parties.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has revealed the first colorized photos of the hazy sky enveloping the planet Pluto, along with bright red water ice patches.
Earlier this week the unexpected front-runner in the leadership contest visited the Aneurin Bevan memorial stones near Tredegar, where he praised the "clear red water" approach adopted by former First Minister Rhodri Morgan.
There's an iceberg the size of Rhode Island, and red water for
the red water we call River running to the confluence of two.
Police and politicians in India are being criticised for responding slowly, and on Monday police red water cannons at members of the public who had gathered to protest in Uttar Pradesh.
Nez and dozens of other residents of the Red Water Pond Road community, who have already had to leave their homes at least twice since 2007 because of the contamination, are now facing a more permanent relocation.
Talks with various agencies were held soon after the red water appeared, but they drew a blank over what to do.