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If people are unable to link their red urine to a food they have eaten recently, they should visit their GP as soon as possible.
[8] Red Urine Study Group, Identification of High-Risk Communities for Schistosomiasis in Africa: A Multicountry Study, UNDP/WORLD BANK/WHO Special Prorgramme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), 1995.
It can be seen from Table 9 that 75% patients complained of gastritis, 53% weakness, and 47% red urine as adverse effect of DOTS therapy.
of patients according to ADRs Myalgia 48% Constitution 7% Headache 22% Nausea vomiting 19% Dark, red urine 4% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Dark red urine, pain on passing urine, you''ve been exercising excessively.
After activation of the spore there is fever, abdominal pain and dark red urine. The toxin destroys the red blood cells but death may occur before the red urine appears.
He experienced continuous gross hematuria for 1 week, initially light red in colour, later progressing to dark red urine. This was associated with urinary retention secondary to clot formation.
If you cake warfarin, be alert for the symptoms of bleeding, which include swelling after bumping yourself, severe headaches, severe abdominal pain, pink or red urine, stools that are black and tarry and/or nosebleeds that don't stop.
The symptoms include heavy sweating of palms and feet, tinnitus, dysphoria, muscle ache, stomach pain, diarrhea, severe vasoconstriction of peripheral blood vessels, anxiety and symptoms pointing towards psychosis, hypertensive crisis with blood pressures up to 245/165, red urine, and hyponatremia.