red squirrel

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common reddish-brown squirrel of Europe and parts of Asia

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Anglesey red squirrel ranger Holly Peek said that's what the public wanted too.
While grey squirrels do not suffer from any symptoms of the virus themselves, it only takes one of the creatures to come into contact with a red squirrel to spread the pox.
A general warning sign is a red triangle with exclamation mark and, in this case, it will also have a red squirrel plate.
A nature conservation charity is calling on Dumfries residents to help protect red squirrels.
Red squirrel at Hauxley nature reserve by Pamela Dewener
Northeast Red Squirrels (NeRS) has received a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of PS59,900 for its Red Squirrels on Tyne project.
Make your own squirrel feeder for your garden, to encourage these furry friends to come and visit Find out more about what's being done to protect the red squirrel as it faces challenges such the squirrelpox virus.
Monitoring results for 2015 revealed the presence of reds in 51.5% of survey sites within red squirrel reserves.
He added: "A reduction in grey squirrel numbers in Northern Ireland is critical to the long-term survival prospects of our native red squirrel population.
Across the country there are many red squirrel conservation projects.
On 23 August 2011, we received information and photographs from local residents about an unusually colored Red Squirrel seen in a residential neighborhood in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada (UTM: Zone 8V, 497272E, 6731229N, WGS 84).
They say there is no viable alternative to controlling grey squirrels in order to save the red squirrel from extinction across the UK mainland.
"It is vital that the work we do in priority areas is stepped up to make sure that the red squirrel populations in these areas remain healthy."