red spruce

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medium-sized spruce of eastern North America

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Workers needed four weeks to assemble the red spruces. Despite their name, the spruces are green.
Logging of red spruce trees is also a problem for these small creatures.
The President walked a few steps to the red spruce, and started shoveling soil onto the base of the tree.
In the 6-10 year class, red maple, balsam fir, and yellow birch accounted for the highest proportion of species composition (14-16% each) and in the 11-15 year age class, these 3 species accounted for 11-17% each, and red spruce 11%.
The typical northern hardwood subgroup is dominated by yellow birch, American beech, yellow buckeye, and sugar maple with northern red oak or red spruce individuals occasionally present but rarely dominant in the stand composition [1,7,36,45].
Unfortunately, in the late 1800s these high elevation red spruce forests were threatened by a growing nation's demand for resources.
of the seventy-three samples collected, forty-eight were successfully cross-dated into floating chronologies and then compared against a local red spruce (Picea rubens) master chronology, thereby establishing the year in which each individual sample was cut as a live tree where bark was present.
of New Brunswick, Canada) covers the 12 most common species indigenous to North America (balsam fir, eastern hemlock, tamarack larch, eastern white pine, jack pine, pitch pine, red pine, black spruce, red spruce, white spruce, eastern juniper, and eastern thuja), follows the life cycle of the tree, from seed to sapling, and compares genera and species at each stage.
The four-ounce, petite-size cuts are available in 11 varieties--Grand Cru Gruyere, Buttermilk Blue, Alp & Dell Muenster, Alp & Dell Pepper Jack, Van Gough Gouda, Van Gough Smoked Gouda, Red Spruce Cheddar, Landhaus Butterkase, Ostenborg Havarti, Ostenborg Dill Havarti and Kronenost Fonfina--allowing shoppers to sample cheeses and create party trays without paying a premium price.
Mix 'n Match Minis are available in the following varieties: Grand Cru Gruyere, Buttermilk Blue, Alp & Dell Muenster, Van Gogh Gouda, Red Spruce Cheddar, Alp & Dell Pepper Jack, Van Gogh Smoked Gouda, Landhaus Butterkase, Ostenborg Havarti, Ostenborg Dill Havarti, and Kronenost Fontina.
The handcrafted cheeses are available in such varieties as Buttermilk Blue, Alp & Dell Muenster, Van Gogh Gouda, Red Spruce Cheddar, and Ostenborg Dill Havarti.
Acid-rain-induced calcium deficiency, which makes trees more vulnerable to winter freezing injury, is a known factor in the decline of red spruce, sugar maple, and flowering dogwood species.
The guitar was crafted from Brazilian rosewood, book matched Sitka spruce with heavy "bearclaw" figuring, Adirondack red spruce and African ebony.
It has contributed to the death of more than half of the mature red spruce trees in the Adirondack and Green Mountains, and the destruction of as much as 80 percent of some sugar maple stands in Pennsylvania.