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web-spinning mite that attacks garden plants and fruit trees

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They are part of the "Biological Control Natural Predators Collection" which also offers lacewing larvae which can eat up to 50 aphids a day or Phytoseiulus which are "fast moving predatory mites for controlling red spider mite in your conservatory or greenhouse".
In the trials, the best results were on tomato plants, where attacks by red spider mites were reduced by 80%, aphid attack was reduced by 60% and caterpillar damage was down by a third.
But the natural killer is a mite called Phytoseiulus permilis, which eats hundreds of red spider mites and lays eggs which will hatch into more mite-killers.
Watch out for aphids, red spider mites and whitefly (pictured) in the greenhouse.
Watch out for aphids, red spider mites and white fly in the greenhouse.
In my own greenhouses, I have had numerous attacks of persistent red spider mites which are wiping out whole batches of plants.
IF your greenhouse is invaded with red spider mites you need the natural predator mite which is faster and will catch the little ones.
Do the same with aphids and mist spray to discourage red spider mites.
In the greenhouse, check for overwintering pests such as greenfly or red spider mites and treat accordingly.
The life cycle of spider mites, both red spider mites and the two-spotted mites, is directly associated with temperature.
I've found lily beetles munching my lilies, and already have whitefly and red spider mites in the greenhouse!
Your plant is infested with red spider mites, which thrive in warm, dry conditions.
This avoids the dryness that can cause solanum fruits to drop and encourage attack by red spider mites.
Red spider mites and whitefly can also wreck greenhouse plants if left unchecked.