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HOCl complex, wherein culminated with shorter hydrogen bond lengths, higher stretch frequencies and larger red shift in the H-O bond.
Figure 4 shows the changes of the PL peaks after laser irradiation in vacuum (red shift) and after plasma treatment, respectively, compared with those of the original sample.
The dipole mode transmission dip red shifts slowly when [s.sub.22] increases; for example, central frequency moves 0.0012 x [10.sup.14] Hz when inner size of tube rises from 50 nm to 80 nm.
Usually, in complexation phenomena the bands are shifted to shorter or longer wavelengths (blue or red shift) after the addition of metal ion in to the ligand solution, however, the high intensity (hyperchromic shift) of the bands after complexation also confers complexation formation.
The distance is measured using what is called red shift, a kind of Doppler effect of light.
This galaxy has a red shift of 10, making it the farthest and oldest ever seen.
This indicates that there is something odd in Hubble's interpretation of present cosmic red shifts and galaxy moments.
Even though acceleration began 5 billion years before since all galaxies will move simultaneously from our galaxy "rate of increase" in super novae red shift can not be measured absolutely and accurately.
As we can see, the SPR peak significantly red shifts from 414 nm to 633 nm with great change about 221 nm when the particle diameter increases from 20 nm to 150 nm.
It can be seen that irradiation by the laser light with a wavelength of 532 nm or 632.8 has better E-field enhancement effect than by the laser light with a wavelength of 488 nm when the diameter increases up to 100 nm because the resonance wavelength red shifts with the increase in diameter.
The discovery that led to the theory of dark energy depended on studying the red shifts of bright light from supernovae.
Age of the Universe "Red shifts in the spectra of 620 galaxies and in 26 distant clusters of galaxies, obtained by Dr.