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But every story has its two sides; so I ask you, Chingachgook, what passed, according to the traditions of the red men, when our fathers first met?
They came in a large canoe, when my fathers had buried the tomahawk with the red men around them.
For nearly half a century after the arrival of the English the red men showed themselves generally inclined to peace and amity.
Some want, in their turns, what the red men are willing to sell, and they come to make their friends rich, with powder and blankets.
I know the red men of the woods make long marches on foot, but we, who live where the eye cannot see from one lodge to another, love our horses.
Red Men FC came out of the blocks flying in the Monday Championship to record yet another win and LOC8 squeezed apst After 8's, 4-3.
Contract awarded for service required building repair and maintenance of gas and red men and women shower special school.
After leading the Red men to the national university crown this past season, Verreault-Paul signed a tryout contract with the Hershey Bears of the American Hockey League.
He was a member of the Improved Order of Red Men and also played with their drum corps.
Guests include award-winning global journalist Ed Vulliamy, the grandson of department store pioneer TJ Hughes; BBC producer Colin Grant and Red Men author John Williams.
The Red men have been in the Champions League six seasons running and have attracted not a single superstar.
I'm sure even little red men on Mars are more romantic than the British" - Film-maker Michael Winner (pictured).
According to The Guardian, other shortlisted titles included Sarah Hall for The Carhullan Army, Matthew de Albuitia for The Red Men, Stephen Baxter with The H-Bomb Girl, Stephen Hall for The Raw Shark Texts, and Ken MacLeod with The Execution Channel.
In Britain we have traffic lights, red men, green men, push buttons, anti-skid surfaces in some places, flashing globes and illuminated posts elsewhere.