red giant star

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a large, old, luminous star


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Eventually, the hydrogen in the core of a red giant star will run out.
The discovery of planets orbiting red giant stars is rare, with only five such planets located around stars of that kind to date, she said.
Googling a runner Alpha Tauri 2.50 Southwell Alpha Tauri, more commonly known as Aldebaran, is a red giant star located in the zodiac constellation of Taurus some 65 light years (or 400 trillion miles) away from Earth.
In about 5 billion years, our sun will grow into a red giant star. Its outer atmosphere will swallow Mercury and Venus, the two planets closest to it.
It consists of a white dwarf star in close orbit with a much larger red giant star. The two are so close together that hydrogen-rich gas from the outer layers of the red giant is pulled on to the dwarf by its high gravity.
RS Oph, in the Ophiuchi constellation, consists of a white dwarf star in close orbit with a much larger red giant star.
Back about 15 years ago, scientists conducted laboratory experiments aimed at simulating the conditions under which carbon nucleates in the atmosphere of a cool carbon-rich red giant star. The specific goal of this Fullerene Research was to explore the possibility that long carbon chain molecules could form when carbon vapour nucleates in the presence of hydrogen and nitrogen.
Their most recent computations on NCSA's 128-processor CRAY Origin2000 system modeled the convective flow of energy through a red giant star and used 134 million computational cells.
It shows two central stars, an aging red giant star and a burned-out white dwarf star, in the center, both of which are "embedded in a flat disk of gas stretching between them," according to ( NASA's website.
Our Sun will swell to become a similar red giant star in about five billion years.
A red giant star (the far-future fate of our Sun) has a much weaker pull at its surface, so you'd be 50 times lighter.
Washington, May 8 ( ANI ): Researchers at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., has successfully reproduced the processes that occur in the atmosphere of a red giant star and lead to the formation of planet-forming interstellar dust.
Budding astronomers can gaze up at the night sky and try to spot the likes of the Orion Nebula where stars are created, the Antromeda Galaxy and Belelgeux - a red giant star 700 times the size of the sun.
Astronomers have used a very long Chandra observation of the remnant of Kepler's supernova to deduce that the supernova was triggered by an interaction between a white dwarf and a red giant star. This is significant because another study already has shown that a so-called Type la supernova caused the Kepler supernova remnant.
The evolution of this system is fascinating; around 120 million years ago, Sirius B would have been a much larger five solar mass red giant star, outshining its now brighter companion.