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a flag that serves as a warning signal

the emblem of socialist revolution

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something that irritates or demands immediate action

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That night a procession passed, by torchlight, through the streets, bearing in the midst the figure of a woman, enveloped with a richly embroidered mantle; while in advance stalked Jervase Helwyse, waving the red flag of the pestilence.
By this time the Indian was far out of reach, and had rejoined his men, and the whole dare-devil band, with the captured horses, scuttled off along the defiles, their red flag flaunting overhead, and the rocks echoing to their whoops and yells, and demoniac laughter.
Meantime, for that one beholding instant, Tashtego's mast-head hammer remained suspended in his hand; and the red flag, half-wrapping him as with a plaid, then streamed itself straight out from him, as his own forward-flowing heart; while Starbuck and Stubb, standing upon the bowsprit beneath, caught sight of the down-coming monster just as soon as he.
From that moment till two hours afterwards, when the ship was brought up in one of the lower reaches of the Thames off an apparently uninhabited shore, near some sort of inlet where nothing but two anchored barges flying a red flag could be seen, Powell was too busy to think of the lady 'that mustn't be disturbed,' or of his captain--or of anything else unconnected with his immediate duties.
I remember the man next me being killed by a shell with all his team, and the tangle of flying harness, torn horseflesh, and crimson khaki, that we left behind us on the veldt; also that a small red flag, ludicrously like those used to indicate a putting-green, marked the single sloping entrance to the otherwise precipitous donga, which I for one was duly thankful to reach alive.
There is a force without beleaguering this accursed castle hasten to lead them to the attack, and when thou shalt see a red flag wave from the turret on the eastern angle of the donjon, press the Normans hard they will then have enough to do within, and you may win the wall in spite both of bow and mangonel.
I guess when a man has had dangers in his life--and I've had more than most in my time--there is a kind of sixth sense that waves the red flag.
Today, RED FLAG is as much about exposure to advanced tactical and low operational integration as it is about those first 10 combat sorties.
Leveraging experience and resources from The Red Flag Group, Compliance Mentor(TM) has designed low-cost solutions for small-to-medium companies to show their existing and potential clients that they are committed to ethical business practices and have solid management of compliance risks and business integrity.
4 million profiles is updated daily by The Red Flag Group's team of experts, and includes information on companies and people and their integrity and compliance issues across 14 major risk areas.
Exercises like Red Flag are important because they allow Airmen to train with allies they could be deployed with in the future.
During the visit, General Al-Ruwaili was briefed on a summary on Green Flag / Red Flag drill 2014 and its importance to develop the capabilities of the pilots and aircrew.
6% Percent of Cases The sum of percentages in this chart exceeds 100% because in many cases perpetrators displayed more than one behavioral red flag.
For example, if you've identified fake IDs as a red flag, you must have procedures to detect possible fake, forged or altered identification.
PAF's F-16s would fly across the Atlantic Ocean to participate in Red Flag exercise.