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a flag that serves as a warning signal

the emblem of socialist revolution

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something that irritates or demands immediate action

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Table 15 shows the results of the Mann-Whitney's test variable experience with a case of fraud in red flag groups SE, MANEMP, ECOFIN and OPECONT.
Red flag #4: I was unclear on what the job actually entailed.
If the vehicle is found in an empty, abandoned area, that is one red flag.
Today, RED FLAG is as much about exposure to advanced tactical and low operational integration as it is about those first 10 combat sorties.
Exercises like Red Flag are important because they allow Airmen to train with allies they could be deployed with in the future.
They detail the nature, characteristics, and basic elements of fraud, criminal and civil fraud, and conspiracy; the dynamics and root causes of fraud; the Red Flag System process; aspects and red flags for financial statement and procurement fraud; the prevention and detection of bribery and corruption; how money laundering is used to conceal fraud; high-risk corporate activities and market manipulation; pyramid schemes; the role of good governance; the responsibility of the board of directors; enterprise, fraud, and compliance risk management; and screening, scrutinizing, and investigating red flags.
During the visit, General Al-Ruwaili was briefed on a summary on Green Flag / Red Flag drill 2014 and its importance to develop the capabilities of the pilots and aircrew.
Kvitka advised that under the new regulations, a red flag is defined as a "pattern, practice or specific activity that indicates the possible existence of identity theft.
The Red Flag operations were sold to Traynor after third parties participating in a disposal process said that they could not yet view the particular business as a standalone acquisition opportunity.
Professional services consultancy Begbies Traynor Group plc (LSE:BEG) has completed the sale of Red Flag Alert LLP, the company announced today.
6% Percent of Cases The sum of percentages in this chart exceeds 100% because in many cases perpetrators displayed more than one behavioral red flag.
For example, if you've identified fake IDs as a red flag, you must have procedures to detect possible fake, forged or altered identification.
PAF's F-16s would fly across the Atlantic Ocean to participate in Red Flag exercise.
ISLAMABAD: A contingent of Pakistan Air Force F-16 combat aircraft along with fighter pilots and technical crew departed a PAF Base for USA, to participate in the forthcoming multinational Air Force Exercise Red Flag scheduled to commence on 15 July, 2010.
Red flag II; a guide to solving serious pathology of the spine.