red elm

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autumn-flowering elm of southeastern United States

North American elm having rough leaves that are red when opening

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Values obtained with the red elm tree stems were 95 percent as great, whereas values obtained with white ash and yellow pine timbers were 92 percent and 74 percent as great, respectively.
CCI Telecom also said it is in negotiations with other possible tenants on behalf of Red Elm.
Pre-harvest (1998) importance values showed the transect to have a section of 3 sampling points in old growth forest dominated by red oaks, ironwoods, sugar maples and hackberry with red elm and ash showing the greatest seedling densities.
The slippery or red elm is the only one of the five or six North American elm species with rough hairy twigs and fuzzy red buds, making it easy to identify.
Winged elm and slippery elm are different species, but both are alternatively referred to as red elm.
1 million; implementation of the Build-to-Suit cell tower strategy through alliances with CCI, Red Elm and the newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary AYIN; establishing a new credit facility of $5 million; and achieving profitability.
yellow-poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera), Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziessii), red elm (Ulmus rubra), red oak (Quercus rubra), and white ash (Fraxinus alba).
My red elm bow, only a mere shadow compared to the perfect Welsh bow, shot arrows about 100 meters with reasonable accuracy.
Other species that would have been popular at that time would have been cherry, maple, chestnut, white and red elm, sycamore, beech, hickory, butternut, ash and walnut.