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Synonyms for recycle

Synonyms for recycle

cause to repeat a cycle

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use again after processing

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"We've been fighting negative images ever since then," says Gardner, who tries to counter attacks from similarly themed articles, including Why Recycling is Garbage" (Forbes 1997) and "Recycle This!" (Weekly Standard, January 2006).
However, it is recognized that we will be unable to recycle our way out of the landfill crisis.
But even clean construction gypsum is a difficult material to recycle in Massachusetts, and NER has no BUD to use it in its composting or dirt operations.
"We've all been so focused on creating this business that we've not done a good job of listening to customers--Americans at home and at work who want to recycle," says Kate Kreb, executive director of NRC.
The nonprofit organization represents rechargeable battery manufacturers and recycles millions of their products each year.
Erema's recently developed Vacurema system is being used in Europe, Asia, and North America to recycle PET flake directly into sheet for dry-food contact.
"Recycling is a daily behavior by every American, and they want to know what is happening to the materials they recycle. Paperboard producers are the largest end users for recycled paper.
USG also announced that it will collect and recycle customers' used ceiling panels as part of the company's new USG Ceiling Panel Recycling Program.
The first tenet of the "reduce, reuse, recycle" mantra is that if we produce less waste to begin with, we've already won part of the garbage battle.
Multi-layer, paper-based cartons are even more difficult to recycle and, with a 10 percent recovery rate, can hardly be considered recyclable.
Voluntary programs, such as the one employed by the city of Plano, Texas, try to get the contractors to recycle wood, concrete, gypsum and shingles.
No Longer Content to Just Recycle Waste, Environmentalists Want Us to Reduce it to Nothing